Ontario International Airport outperformed pre-pandemic levels with 5.7 million passengers last year

Cargo tonnage also grew as the Southern California airport fortified its role as a global supply chain hub and economic driver

Ontario International Airport (ONT) welcomed more than 5.7 million airline travelers in 2022, outpacing pre-pandemic 2019 by 2.8% as the popular Southern California gateway recorded its highest passenger volume since 2008.

At the same time, shipments of air cargo outpaced 2019 volume by nearly 9%, maintaining ONT’s position as a major commerce and logistics hub.

“We experienced great demand for air travel through Ontario International in 2022 with passenger levels exceeding pre-pandemic levels for the entire calendar year,” said Atif Elkadi, chief executive officer, Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA). “Our airline partners restored air services suspended because of the pandemic while adding new routes and increased flight frequencies to popular destinations, and passengers showed their preference for our hallmark customer-friendly experience.”

Ontario’s 2022 passenger volume was 27.6% greater than the 2021 total of 4.5 million and was the highest since 2008, when 6.2 million passenger flew into or out of the airport. Since ONT’s return to local control in 2016, passenger volumes are up nearly 36%.

Ontario also ranks among the fastest recovering airports in the U.S. after the severe disruption in global air travel during the early months of the pandemic.

That growth is expected to continue into the new year. Based on current airline schedules, ONT will have 6.7% more flights and 12.3% more available seats in the first quarter compared with the same period last year.

Domestic454,457485,086-6.31 %5,544,9215,279,7225.0 %
International22,84529,703-23.09 %195,672304,010-35.6 %
Total477,302514,789-7.28 %5,740,5935,583,7322.8 %
Domestic454,457450,3270.92 %5,544,9214,377,25526.7 %
International22,84516,82435.79 %195,672123,37358.6 %
Total477,301467,1512.17 %5,740,5934,500,62827.6 %

Meanwhile, Ontario International has fortified its role as a global air cargo center. For the year, freight and mail that moved through ONT totaled more than 850,000 tons, 8.9% higher than 2019 when the airport handled almost 782,000 tons of cargo.

Ontario ranks among the 10 largest cargo airports in North America, and according to a recent analysis by Oxford Economics, serves as the hub of a global supply chain network that generates $17.8 billion in economic activity.

Air cargo(tonnage)Dec2022Dec2019ChangeYTD2022YTD2019Change
Freight84,57888,228-4.14 %796,955760,0454.9 %
Mail5,468832557.62 %54,96921,948150.5 %
Total90,04689,0601.11 %851,924781,9938.9 %
Air cargo(tonnage)Dec2022Dec2021ChangeYTD2022YTD2021Change
Freight84,57894,046-10.07 %796,955842,211-5.4 %
Mail5,4685,4590.17 %54,96950,4289.0 %
Total90,04699,505-9.51 %851,924892,639-4.6 %

About Ontario International Airport 

Ontario International Airport (ONT) is the fastest growing airport in the United States, according to Global Traveler, a leading publication for frequent fliers. Located in the Inland Empire, ONT is approximately 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the center of Southern California. It is a full-service airport which offers nonstop commercial jet service to more than two dozen major airports in the U.S., Mexico, Central America and Taiwan.