Opinion – Judy Harris: Contact the ages, cherish the memories — go for the shared activities

” For auld lang syne, my mary, For auld lang night”. — Robert BurnsI stopped by NKU to greet Mike Klembara. Judy Harris ‘ mother and Aunt Kate, Scotland, 1920. The Joint Center for Study Abroad was led by Mike, a professor of mathematics. As with most people in this part of the world, Mike and I had some links. Mike mentioned to me that he was offering me a visiting professor at the University of Stirling in Scotland after our brief conversation. An flat on the Stirling school would be included in the whole semester. How could he possibly be aware that the generations of my paternal side had settled in the village near Stirling? ” That’s lovely”, I stammered,” I’ll think about it”. I took a side trip on the way home via my mother’s place. ” It comes with an room”, I told her. ” You’ll have to come over for some of the time to keep me company “.Yes, we’ll think about it. My family had obtained American citizenship through naturalization. Since leaving with her family at the age of six, she had n’t since, and she had never been back. Aunt Kate and Mother, Scotland, 1991 ( Photo provided ) The Stirling offer came as the fall semester was ending. The second Gulf War broke out with the New Year’s Day 1991. The idea of leaving the country at that time was not appealing to me. Spring quarter got live. My mother inquired about the Stirling provide a few months later, when the war was over, and I asked her what she should do. ” We do n’t need a visiting professorship to go to Scotland”, I said. In addition to exchanging cards that past Christmas, Aunt Kate’s son had phoned to let Aunt Kate say Merry Christmas and speak to my mother, her favorite niece, whom she had n’t seen for almost seventy years. Aunt Kate was nearing 100 years old, and Mother was in her late- 70’s. We had a relation to home in Edinburgh. We could visit our home in Edinburgh from it. When the flower quarter ended, my family and I headed to Scotland. This graduation graduation is beautiful, but come on in.
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As others have
Ages earlier. Your family
Her family, also,
Left their traces
And so may you. — JHarris, Portobello 1991Judy Harris is also established in Northern Kentucky existence, as a lengthy- time secondary and university trainer. She graduated from Thomas More in 1980, and there she began her career, where she dominated teacher training and introduced pupils to both domestic and international traveling experiences. She has thoroughly studied and traveled internationally. She maintains regular contact with college students despite enjoying retirement.