Pact for Decarbonization of Air Transport at COP 28

The Italian pavilion hosted an event called “The Pact for the Decarbonization of Air Transport: the Italian Ecosystem for a Roadmap to Net-Zero.

The Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security chose the side event focused on the Pact for the Decarbonization of Air Transport. This event, supported by Aeroporti di Roma, MIT, MASE, and ENAC, brings together industry players, institutions, and associations to promote sustainability goals in the sector.

“The occasion is the yearly assembly of nations that have signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, a global event welcoming all participating country’s delegations, experts, scientists, and representatives from business and non-governmental organizations.

The Pact for the Decarbonization of Air Transport, consisting of representatives from various institutions, companies, and associations of national and international importance, finds itself in a globally significant situation. This presents a unique opportunity for the Pact to showcase the proposed solutions aimed at achieving climate neutrality in the air transport industry. These solutions primarily focus on promoting investments in emission reduction measures, such as sustainable fuel utilization, exploring new aircraft propulsion technologies, and advancing intermodality. Furthermore, ongoing discussions between the private sector and institutions have emphasized the importance of establishing a stable regulatory framework with a long-term perspective to ensure the sector’s competitiveness, which plays a vital role in the country’s economic development.

Costantino Fiorillo, Director General of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, Vannia Gava, Deputy Minister for the Environment and Energy Security, Francesco Corvaro, the Special Envoy for Climate Change at COP28, Pierluigi di Palma, Chairman of ENAC, Andrea Benassi, General Manager of ITA Airways, Olivier Jankovec, General Manager of ACI Europe, Angela Natale, President of Boeing Italy, Alessandra Priante, Director for Europe at the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Alessio Quaranta, General Manager of ENAC, Giuseppe Ricci, Eni’s Energy Evolution Chief Operating Officer, Marco Troncone, CEO of Aeroporti di Roma attended the side event. The event was moderated by Veronica Pamio, Vice President External Relations & Sustainability at Aeroporti di Roma.

SOURCE: Pact for Decarbonization of Air Transport at COP 28