PBS Travels This Autumn

The best couch go series on television has long been a staple of PBS. You’d be wise to watch one or two new episodes of these four praised travel series if you’re looking for a fastgetaway or some ideas on where to go in 2024. The Places to Enjoy of Samantha Brown
The sixth season of PBS’s two-time Emmy-winning series Samantha Brown,” Samasam Brown Places to Like,” premieres on Friday, January 5, 2024. She is one of the most recognized and dependable PBS go stars because of her intelligence, friendliness, and captivating personality. Darwin, Australia, is the location of the Year 7 launch. In an beach festival that features a song of friendship, an act of didgeridoo, and local dance, Brown is greeted in the traditional manner of the indigenous people.
During Time 7, people may accompany her on adventures to Victoria, Canada, and take her mother on a romantic getaway to her childhood home of New Castle in Coastal New Hampshire. She explores a gold-rush village in Melbourne, Australia, which is now well-known for its artists, eateries, and coffee lifestyle. She goes to a tower on an island in Newport, Rhode Island, where guests can spend the night. She travels to Jerusalem and stops at some of the town’s most revered locations, which is most memorable.
Journey of Italy by Massimo Bottura and Kathy McCabe
Kathy McCabe is an ardent supporter of all things Italian. A prominent singer, an Italian-American actor, and a well-known chef are the main characters in four episodes of Dream of Italy’s next season. McCabe gets a behind-the-scenes glance at Andrea Bocelli’s house and way of life, the most well-known tone in Italy. It’s a tour of his native Tuscany that includes stops at Fortedei Marmi, Lajatico, and Lucca. Marisa Tomei, an Academy-award-winning professional, joins McCabe on a spiritual journey to Campania, the ancient home of The Black Madonna, also known as the” Madonna Nera,” for an event about the character. The renowned 3-star Michelin restaurant Massimo Bottura and his family Lara, who welcome McCabe and visitors to their planet in Modena, are the subject of two episodes of her most recent line. Delayed food, fast cars, and Bottura’s impressive cooking empire are the main themes.
Darley Newman on his walks at the International De Louisiana Festival. Trips with Darley
Thanks to her long-running line, Travels with Darley, PBS go number miller Newman is a common and welcomed presence on the network. In this new year from the Emmy-nominated host, which is mainly focused on the United States, Newman explores Alabama’s Farm-to-Table Glories. She then travels to French region to explore Lafayette, Louisiana’s culture and cuisine before spending some time at the Golden Sunflower Fields in North Dakota. Newman travels through Prince William County, the birthplace of Civil War story, a former CIA education ground turned national park, and Manassa National Battlefield Park on the open road of Route 66 in Illinois as he explores Northern Virginia’s Tapestry. Additionally, she begins her Revolutionary Road Trips with Across Three State, a trip that explores Saratoga, New York, South Carolina, and British history.
With Wabafu Garifuna Dance on Bare Feet, Mickela Mallozzi, and Wimbabu are shown dancing on bare legs.
The new year of Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi, a four-time Emmy Award-winning go dancing series, has its main focus on New York City. The fresh series explores the historical origins of music and dance in the five boroughs of New York City and is hosted by Mallozzi, a trained singer and professional dancer with an infectious and enthusiastic personality. Traveling the cities to experience the Spanish and Latinx neighborhoods of New York City, learning the dances of the largest Garifuna area in the United States, and dancing with the Sri Lankan Dance Academy in Little Lanka in Tompkinsville on Staten Island are some of Mallozzi’s party adventures this year. By studying Bay Ridge’s” Little Middle East” in Brooklyn, learning Moroccan Rai with Esraa Warda, and attending a Palestinian marriage with the Freedom Dabka Group, Mallozzi even establishes ties to the Arab-American areas of the city. Taking soca dance classes, learning steel pan with Tropical Fete, and dancing on stilts with the Kaisokah USA Moko Jumbies are all signs of carnival in Brookly n’s Little Caribbean neighborhood.