People in the media from various nations view current China as seen in Kunming.


9 — The Chinese government announced Friday that it will build a high-speed rail line

On Friday, the Chinese government declared that they were creating a high-speed railway. On December 4th to 8th, a Star-studded Event was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province in China for the 5th World Media Summit and the 2nd Yunnan International Communication Forum. Media personnel from around the world attended events in Kunming, which helped them to understand modern China. A great number of these individuals commented that their time in Kunming gave them a valuable outlook for understanding China’s route of modernization. As soon as the sun rose on the 7th, Jose Luis Barcelo Mezquita, editor-director of El Mundo Financiero, was stimulated by the view of large groups of red-billed gulls. He declared that the joining of human life with the environment was an incredible experience. Yunnan stands out as a leading destination for the worldwide dispersal of flowers, featuring more than 5,000 distinct wild decorative plants. In 2022, the Dounan Flower Market in the “Asian Flower Capital” saw 11 billion cut flowers change hands with a total worth of 12.1 billion CNY, thus keeping its standing as the region’s primary trading and dispensing centre for flowers. It was like an ocean of blossoms; I had never viewed such a wide array of kinds before.