Plus-size travel influencer claims an airport worker resisted pushing her wheelchair, leaving her gasping for air and this travel.

A “plus-size” travel celebrity claims a Seattle aircraft employee refused to put her in a wheelchair after realizing how big she was. She practically passed away due to a lack of air and was forced to climb the jetbridge herself. Plus-size passenger Saus Airport Worker Refuses To Help Her In Wheelchair, Forced Her To Move, Leaving Her In Desperate Need Of Oxygen.
I’ve previously written about 27-year-old Jaelynn Chaney, a travel influence on TikTok who suggested that smaller people may pay more for larger seats for people of her size.
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She mentions an incident that occurred at Seattle- Tacoma International Airport ( SEA ) after her flight in her most recent post:
You will be shocked by my experience at SeaTac Aiport. This instance of the importance of individual sensitivity training is one more example of why it is sorely needed.
I’m a and- size chair user and on a new flight to the SeaTac airport, I requested wheelchair assistance, as I generally do.
When it was time for me to leave for the airport, I noticed the passenger in the chair waiting for me in the aircraft bridge. As I approached her, she realized she was helping me and that she was not one of the smaller people, so she began to walk away while making remarks about my size.
Yet when I told her I actually needed the couch and that she should let me remain in it, she plainly ignored me and continued to walk. After that, I was forced to climb one of the longest jet bridges I’ve ever encountered, and she did n’t stop.
By the time she let me use the chair to lay down, my cheeks were pale, my oxygen degrees had dropped, and I nearly passed out. I was the first person to fly without air.
This person second assumed that I could move, and she prefers that I do it rather than having to force someone my size up the cam gate. My wants were ignored as the other servants rode their customers up the flight gate.
This is prejudice. No one should be treated in this manner.
Was n’t sure when I’d share this, but staying silent is n’t an option anymore. If you’ve faced things related, you’re not alone. I do n’t want anyone else to ever go through something like this because discrimination is real. I have no intention of stopping the movement for shift in the travel sector and above. EveryBODY deserves respect and dignity, regardless of size, skill, or any other issue. This work together to make equality a reality for everyone. ⁣ ⁣ •⁣ ⁣ •⁣ ⁣ •⁣ ⁣# BodyEquality InTravel# TravelForAll #AccessForAll# PlusSize# PlusSizeTravel# Flying WhileFat# Traveling WhileFat# Flying WhilePlusSize# PlusSizeTravelPetition
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I do n’t think Southwest Airlines should coddle the overweight by providing them with one or two additional free seats, but that’s not the point of this story. Here I am outraged, but offended in defence of Chaney.
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First of all, it is repulsive that a worker at an airport abandoned this person because of her size. I appreciate that pushing someone so much in a chair may be challenging, but that does not imply that she can simply be left to take care of herself. However, if I were her lawyer, I’d been exploring litigation. Additionally, if she really could n’t walk the jetbridge ( and it appears she could n’t ), she should have held back until a wheelchair was brought to her. I do n’t blame her for that, but just because a specific airport employee behaves rudely does n’t mean you have to walk if you ca n’t.
But more important, this is a person whose presence on social media is geared toward “fat enthusiasm” and embracing plus size. She must fight more soberingly that she cannot walk more than a few feet without stopping to get her breath. Her weight and lifestyle are terrible, and for anyone who believes they can be glad of a system like that, simply look at her panting for breath and needing a portable air container when she travels. This is not to be taken lightly.
Folks, it is intolerable for an airport employee to decide that a woman does not require scooter support. However, if you’re awakened, Chaney will pass away far too soon, which is not to be proud of. I hope that the aircraft employee is held responsible. However, I hope Chaney uses this event to significantly alter her career. Her present system, as we thus plainly see in this story, is nothing to be celebrated. I wish her every success in altering her life.
picture: jaebaeoffical / TikTok