PONANT Launches Ultimate Kimberley Expedition Guide

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PONANT has launched its 52-page Ultimate Kimberley Expedition Guide, solidifying its position as the unrivalled leader in magnificent luxury trips along Western Australia’s remote and untamed Kimberley coast.

The guide, artfully designed to pique tourists’ sense of adventure, thoroughly examines the ins and outs of sailing around the historic coastline on an expedition. It digs into the fleet’s specifics, highlighting the vessel’s distinctive qualities, outlining specific itineraries, recommending travel seasons suitable to each visitor, highlighting sustainability initiatives and standards, and celebrating the mesmerising attraction of the destination.

“PONANT has firmly established itself as the foremost leader of luxury expeditions in the Kimberley region,” said Deb Corbett, General Manager Sales & Marketing Asia Pacific. “The Ultimate Kimberley Expedition Guide underscores PONANT’s dedication to making the Kimberley more accessible, allowing our guests to plan their adventure whilst immersing themselves in the heart of this extraordinary destination.”

Interviews with Mick Fogg, Director of Expeditions & Destination Development Asia Pacific, a seasoned traveller with over 130 trips in the region, are included in The Ultimate Kimberley Expedition Guide. It also includes perspectives from Sandrine Erwin-Rose, Expedition Operations Manager Asia Pacific, and Nick Rains, an official PONANT Photo Ambassador who shares his most memorable memories.

To coincide with the guide’s publication, PONANT’s all-inclusive flight and transfer package for the 2024 season* enables guests to join award-winning itineraries easily. Terms and Conditions apply.

PONANT operates Kimberley expeditions between Darwin and Broome, providing guests the opportunity to explore famous landscapes and natural wonders while ensuring a unique and authentic experience. Because of its cutting-edge technology and small-ship design, the fleet has special access to extraordinary places.

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The post PONANT Launches Ultimate Kimberley Expedition Guide appeared first on Brand TD.