Port Canaveral has introduced the newest electric vehicle fast-charging technology

In the near future, Port Canaveral will have six cutting-edge FPL EVolution Level 3 quick charge points, giving drivers of electric cars enhanced recharging choices at the harbor. The most modern stations will be placed in the Cove District car park, making life simpler for electric vehicle holders and drivers. It has been confirmed that Level 3 stations, deemed to be the most rapid chargers at present, possess the qualifications necessary to charge the majority of electric vehicles to full capacity in one hour. Port Canaveral’s approval of the Port Canaveral-FPL electric vehicle rapid charging agreement affirms their stance of environmental responsibility and illustrates their commitment to being one of the world’s premier cruise hubs, which is growing in a steady manner. Bob Musser, Port Canaveral’s Sr. Director of Environmental, spoke about the project that will increase the amount of electric vehicle (EV) charge outlets available. He commented on the wishes of those who come to the Port, including travelers and people visiting the Cove District, in wanting to have access to quality charging stations while they are there. Bob Musser, the Senior Director of Environment at Port Canaveral, gave insight into the effort to raise the number of electric vehicle (EV) charging ports at the harbor. This endeavour aims to supply the people who go to the Port, go on cruises, and go to Cove District businesses with an easy way of being able to access high-quality charging stations while they are there. It is expected that the six anticipated charging stations, which will include one that follows American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, will be finished in less than 12 months.