Portugal Relocating Executive Flights from Lisbon to Cascais

The Ministry of Infrastructure in Portugal has established a working group to oversee the relocation of executive flights from Humberto Delgado Airport to Cascais Municipal Aerodrome.

The working group, composed of five members, will assess the technical and regulatory conditions for this transfer of executive flights, define necessary measures, and present a plan within six months for the move. The group will evaluate Cascais Municipal Aerodrome’s capacity, infrastructure, and its ability to accommodate the relocation of civil aviation.

The move is motivated by significant constraints at Humberto Delgado Airport and aims to enhance air traffic organization through decentralized investments in various aerodromes. The ministry highlights the existing facilities and investments in Cascais Municipal Aerodrome, emphasizing the need for further investments in parking, runway extension, and accessibility.

The group’s mission is to coordinate and harmonize efforts to ensure safe and efficient air traffic distribution in the Lisbon region.

SOURCE: Portugal Relocating Executive Flights from Lisbon to Cascais