Practice Comfort Living at its Best in Bern Baguio

Luxury finds a new home in the idyllic outskirts of Baguio City.

Bern, a four-tower high-end residential complex by Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc., will soon rise amid the stunning splendor of this fog-kissed highlands—with its wooded slopes, the crisp mountain air, majestic pine trees, and breathtaking landscapes.

Through its luxury residential arm Brittany Corp., Vista Land is creating a quaint Swiss-inspired haven along Outlook Drive, where future residents will soon get to revel in its serene yet refined ambiance. This up and coming exclusive community in the City of Pines follows the success of Brittany’s other Swiss-inspired enclave in Tagaytay called Crosswinds.

Exclusive, unrivaled experiences await at Bern, with a host of curated lifestyle features, world-class facilities and amenities located at the peak of the four towers.

Exclusive community  

Bern, Brittany’s first luxury leisure development in Baguo City offers an iconic address for those seeking to embrace a sophisticated mountain lifestyle amid lush natural surroundings.

Boasting a collection of premium residences, Bern extends an invitation to a privileged few, beckoning them to join an exclusive, prestigious community. Here, they get to carve their own slice of tranquil paradise with the generous and flexible spaces offered. With only a limited number of units per floor, Bern emerges as one of the most premium and low-density offerings in Baguio City, thus ensuring utmost privacy.

Besides the opportunity to relax and appreciate nature, one can get on the view deck to have a picturesque view of the city.

Thoughtful, functional

What further makes Bern stand out are its features, amenities, architecture and design, which have been meticulously crafted to redefine the essence of luxurious mountain living. Each facet has been thoughtfully designed not only to harmonize with the natural beauty of Baguio City, but to also ensure refinement and functionality.

Its architecture and design, for instance, draw inspiration from the beautiful and organic shape of pine cone, which can help protect residents from the elements while, at the same time, enabling the structure to open up to the tropical sunshine and cool breeze. The floating balconies, which come with retractable screens, will provide a seamless connection to the outdoors, framing spectacular views of the mountain and forest canopy. The rooftop terraces meanwhile will serve as private domains, offering private dining areas, heated pools, and lush landscaped perimeters.

Find serenity in coffee and pine-filled air — A rustic haven created to have a sense of connection with nature and where the serenity meets the indulgence of our specially-curated menu.

Future residents will all the more experience luxury living at its peak with amenities that go beyond conventional offerings.

At the peak of the four towers comprising Bern, future residents will find this exclusive space that will host an array of amenities and facilities—transforming it into a haven for intimate conversations, entertainment, and relaxation.

With an indoor-outdoor bar, heated pool, gym, sauna, yoga, and pilates studio, residents can indulge in a holistic experience that revitalizes both the body and spirit.Bern’s peak amenity, with its game room and view deck, further distinguishes itself as an iconic space for leisure, offering gorgeous views and the perfect setting for private events and celebrations.

Coffee Project Baguio

Coffee Project—celebrated for curating a warm, inviting ambiance that effortlessly combines love for coffee with stylish, beautiful settings—has opened right where Bern is poised to rise.

Bern offers a collection of spacious and flexible units, where one can enjoy the cool, crisp air and sweeping views of the Cordilleras mountains or the ever changing skyline Baguio City.Besides Coffee Project Bern’s high quality service and best tasting food and drinks, the interior of this place is exceptionally designed — where every corner is adorned with the timeless beauty of nature.

Inspired by a log cabin house, Coffee Project Baguio blends rustic warmth with contemporary elegance, epitomizing a chic fusion of nature and modernity. The cafe’s interior, adorned with simple patterns and rich natural colors, serves as a harmonious extension of the natural surroundings, creating an environment that integrates with the picturesque landscapes of Baguio. It no doubt offers the perfect spot to enjoy stunning mountain views while sipping on your favorite brew or indulging in your favorite Coffee Project fare.

As Coffee Project Baguio emerges to be a modern delightful retreat, so too would Bern be soon known as a sophisticated sanctuary immersed in nature—one that promises to enhance luxury living amid the beautiful landscapes and tranquil settings of the Philippines’ Summer Capital.

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