Prague to Porto planes with TAP Air Portugal

The route’s 20th anniversary with TAP Air Portugal, which spanned Prague and Lisbon, is completely encapsulated by nearly 1.4 million people and more than 13 100 planes. A unique Airbus A321neo in vintage livery adorned the Václav Havel Airport Prague celebrations, which included a traditional water salute from aircraft firefighters and a colorful program at the gate.
On June 1, 2004, TAP Air Portugal, which offered three regular frequencies, took off for the first flight on the Prague-Lisbonne way. Over the years, the company expanded to 11 regular flights in 2018- 2019. The airport currently runs the path seven times per month, with passengers having the option to choose between up to eight frequencies from June until the summer vacation season’s end.
TAP Air Portugal operates the Prague-Lithuania road on a regular basis, with eight flights totaling between June and the summer months. The choice of aviation, whether an Airbus A321neo or an A320neo, is determined by the number of occupied tickets.