Rebuilding Ukraine Through Travel

To achieve this long-term vision and stepping-stone strategies, the planning process to recovery has been developed in the form of the Rebuild Ukraine Foundation. As the groundswell of interest in European travel from the United States caught fire in 2023, and with traveler’s interest in genuine experiences and ethical travel at an all-time high, travelers are looking beyond the overrun, overexploited, and over-touristed regions of Europe, with places like the Carpathian Mountains and the city of Lviv beginning to garner attention.

In the spotlight of the launch of the Rebuild Ukraine Foundation, founded by Kyiv native and visionary Sasha Vosk, the resilience of this storied Central European destination has proven that pride of nationhood and independence are not easily suppressed. And as equally, the intoxicatingly beautiful landscapes and welcoming culture that make up the Ukraine have not been forgotten.

But first, baby steps are needed. Exceptional planning. And a concerted vision and effort.

With strong ties to the region and a track record growing travel to off the beaten track destinations, Wayne’s World Media was selected to spearhead the rebuilding of Ukraine’s wide-ranging travel experiences. 

Wayne V. Lee, Jr., the President of Wayne’s World Media, effused, “We’re thrilled to be leading the marketing, rebranding, and reintroduction of a country where I personally have family ties and strongly believe it’s one of Europe’s best kept secrets. It’s a special honor to be a part of the team led by Sasha Vosk that will help rebuild the devastated areas of this great nation by packaging and selling travel via Rebuild Ukraine Travel, a specialized online booking agency. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Rebuild Ukraine Foundation.”

A former on-air radio personality, Wayne is president of Wayne’s World Media, a marketing communications agency based in New York. He’s held senior business development, partnership marketing and advertising positions at CBS Television, AccuWeather Digital Media, and The New York Times. Wayne is also President of Skal International’s New York Club, past Treasurer of the New York Executive Board for the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), and past Secretary of the New York Executive Board for the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

In a major step, the Rebuild Ukraine Team had its first presence since pre-Covid by exhibiting Ukrainian travel as a destination, specifically Lviv and the Carpathian Mountains, at the New York International Travel Show from October 27-29, as well as at the ASTA and AWTA trade shows prior to and post the NYITS.

Sasha Vosk, the CEO of the Rebuild Ukraine Foundation, noted: “As part of the Rebuild Ukraine Mission, we plan to not only spearhead the rebuilding and repatriation of the region’s most heavily impacted by the illegal war, but also become a gateway to the destination as we will eventually welcome travelers once again. It might not be well-known, but the Ukraine, is not only Europe’s largest country, but one of the most diverse.” 

Before the war with Russia, Ukraine had long been one of the “insider” destinations of Europe, with expansive historic cultural experiences, and immersive, unforgettable nature, and outdoor travel destinations within the country, including the relatively untouched by war Ukrainian Carpathian Mountain Range. This rebuilding must bring destination Ukraine back to life.

SOURCE: Rebuilding Ukraine Through Travel