River voyages from Vikings are nice and genuine. Christmas MarketEvents

Viking is marking the 2023 river season with its Christmas Market cruises. Viking’s award-winning Longship fleet will take passengers on seven different cruises, two of which being new adventures, as they visit the renowned and joyous Christmas Markets of Europe. Guests will be able to partake in a traditional, classic Christmas while on their voyage. Viking’s Longships provide an exciting opportunity for travelers to experience sparkling Christmas Markets filled with local specialties and handmade goods. Onboard activities include unique musical concerts, festive tree trimming ceremonies, and informative cooking demonstrations. Between late November and December, travelers can visit multiple colorful cities and hamlets in Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, and other places with two newly available tours of Christmas Markets. Viking is presenting two fresh holiday itineraries: Christmas along the Rhine and Moselle Rivers and Christmas on the Main and Moselle Rivers. Visitors can take a 12-day journey on a cruise while getting the opportunity to glimpse into the charming booths featuring flavorful local foods and handmade products at the Christmas markets of Trier, Koblenz, and Mannheim. Visitors voyaging on the Christmas on the Main & Moselle cruise will experience the ages-old customs that adorn French, German and Czech towns. Furthermore, they will be able to marvel at the glistening decorations of the season in Paris. Viking’s expertly-crafted Christmas market itineraries offer experiences like taking in the beautiful scenes of Heidelberg and Cochem with their bustling holiday markets, savoring delicious traditional meals in Paris, and exploring the many castles and cathedrals adorned with festive decorations.