Rome Pantheon Complex Use Now Charging

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Signing the deed in the presence of Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, and the Auxiliary Bishop of Rome, Msgr. Daniele Libanori, were the General Director of the General Directorate of Museums, Massimo Osanna; the Director of the State Museums Directorate of the City of Rome, Mariastella Margozzi; and the Chamberlain, Msgr. Angelo Frigerio.

The agreement decided an entrance ticket to the Pantheon complex for an amount not exceeding 5 euros will be charged, with proceeds divided so that 70% goes to MiC (Ministry of Culture) and 30% to the Diocese of Rome.

Children under the age of 18, protected categories, and teachers accompanying school groups will be exempt from payment, as is already the case for museums, while children up to 25 will pay just 2 euros.

The Ministry will bear the costs of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and cleaning, also considering any requests for interventions that may come from the Chapter.

The Diocese of Rome will use the resources for charitable and cultural activities and for the maintenance, conservation, and restoration of state-owned churches present in its territory.

Most Visited Cultural Site in Italy

“In just 3 months we have come to define a goal based on common sense: to charge a modest ticket for the most visited cultural site in Italy. Citizens of Rome will be excluded from the payment.

“The resources raised, a part of which will also go to the Municipality and a part intended for actions to support poverty, will be used for the care and redevelopment of the Pantheon,” said Minister Sangiuliano.

For the use of the Basilica outside the hours reserved for religious functions and pastoral activities, the Ministry will regulate the orderly flow of visitors, with particular attention relating to the respect due to the monumental sacred building, to the behavior to be observed during the visit, and all the precautions necessary for the decoration of the Basilica.

Access to the Pantheon complex (different from use of the complex) will remain free, as will for the cases provided for by ministerial provisions on the matter, for the canons of the Chapter of the Basilica, and for lay and religious personnel, including volunteers, for all clerics, and for honor guards at the Royal Tombs of the Pantheon. Finally, entry for worship and religious activities will continue to be free.

Subsequent agreements between the Ministry and the Municipality of Rome will regulate free access for residents of the capital and the allocation of part of the resources to the Capitoline administration.

The ticket will be introduced as soon as the technical steps necessary to allow the purchase by visitors have been completed.

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