Ryanair is broadening its reach in Africa, with the addition of a flight network in Morocco

Ryanair has the goal of flying 9 million passengers to and from Morocco in 2024, an increase of 33% from their summer traffic. The senior executive noted on Wednesday that this growth evidences their conviction of the immense prospects available in Morocco, which is presently their exclusive African destination. The biggest carrier in Europe in terms of the number of passengers is gearing up to start domestic flights within Morocco that would connect nine cities there for the first time. Furthermore, the airline plans to add 24 new international journeys to eight distinct European countries. The Irish airline is aiming to add two more planes to Tangier’s airport, creating its fourth base in the country of Morocco. Moroccan government is looking to attract 17.5 million visitors by 2026, which is a major jump from the 11 million who visited the year before. In 2019, approximately 13 million people visited Morocco. Eddie Wilson, CEO of Ryanair DAC, commented on the great potential Morocco has due to consistent diaspora journeying and its new status as an off-season weekend vacation choice for Europeans. He attributed its appeal to the minimal seasonal changes.