SAS has decided to stop selling Nesquik products due to where its production originates from, which is owned by Nestle, a company that has offered its support for the war taking place in Ukraine.

SAS has seemingly decided to take the Nesquik cocoa drink off their in-flight catalog after Ukrainian authorities labeled Nestle, its producer, as a ‘war contributor’ in the last four weeks. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began last year, Kiev has demanded the total closure of Western companies’ businesses in Russia. People who have disregarded this request and kept up their dealings with Putin’s governing have been denounced by Ukraine’s National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP) as global backers of conflict. The National Anti-Corruption Platform’s register does not have any legal power, but mainly serves to expose the businesses who refuse to end their connections with Russia, and criticize who is profiting from working with Putin’s oppressive regime. SAS released a declaration to the regional press confirming its compliance with Ukraine’s registry of Russia’s allies in the Western struggle. Nesquik drinking chocolate no longer features among the items available on planes. The airline is conversing with a few vendors to discover what their plans will be in the future. Scandinavian Airlines severely restricted items from Mondelez and Pepsi as well, given that Ukraine had imposed sanctions against them.