Saudi authorities make kindness promises during the UN.

The Royal tourism minister reiterated the kingdom’s commitment to the green growth of the travel industry on Tuesday. Saudi Arabia has grown to be one of the most interesting and appealing destinations for international travel, according to Al-Khateeb, who praised King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as their authority. He was speaking at the UN office in New York’s opening address, which calls for a coordinated effort to boost the sector’s resilience to the highest level and increase its impact on conservation. The event, which takes place during UN Sustainability Week, was convened by the chairman of the 78th treatment of the UN General Assembly, Dennis Francis, in assistance with UN Tourism. Al-Khateed praised the work the Kingdom is making to address the travel and tourism industry’s negative effects on the environment and noted that those attempts had contributed to the establishment of the World Travel and Tourism Council and the World Center for Sustainable Tourism with Saudi help. Saudi Arabia has sought to increase the presence of the travel and tourism industries in international forums over the past two years, according to Al-Khateeb, in its capacity as head of the UN Tourism professional government. As a result, Al-Khateeb continued, UN Tourism and the Kingdom have collaborated on a number of initiatives to help achieve this objective, including a Best Tourism Villages prize, a Tourism Opens Minds program, and a working class to recreate the future of commerce. He also cited the efforts of his nation to ensure that UN Sustainability Week’s mission included the tourism market. By launching initiatives that supported the development of hospitality toward a sustainable coming, I made a strong point about the Kingdom’s unwavering support for ecological tourism growth. — Ahmed Al Khateeb أحمد الخطيب ( @AhmedAlKhateeb) April 16, 2024 Saudi Arabia topped the UN World Tourism list in 2023 in terms of growth among major tourism destinations in the number of international visitors. It even topped the list of G20 countries in terms of the number of international travellers, welcoming more than 27 million last month, Al-Khateeb said. He added that by 2030, the Kingdom’s officials will be developing plans and tactics to draw in more than 70 million foreign visitors annually. By then, he said, the Kingdom aims to have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 278 million tonnes annually, designated 30 percentage of land and marine place as shielded areas, and planted more than 600 million trees. Al-Khateeb stated,” The Kingdom has taken major steps to build the Sustainable Tourism Global Center, with the intention of accelerating the shift to climate independence, protecting character, and empowering communities around the world.” He also cited significant Royal initiatives like the Red Sea tourism project and the NEOM bright city development, which aim to ensure they have beneficial effects on the environment, local communities, and the environment. He even wished that all nations would work together and be open to assistance in order to achieve sustainable development in the world’s travel and tourism industries. Al-Khateeb expressed his hope that the Kingdom can inspire the earth to learn about the importance of protecting the environment through this significant UN function and to contribute to the development of tourism as an environmentally friendly industry that benefits people and nations all over the world. UN Headquarters in New York kicked off UN Sustainability Week on Monday, which will continue until Friday. Tourism Industry & Environment News Related