Saudi Red Sea Authority Champions Coastal Tourism at ILTM Cannes

During the global event, SRSA had the opportunity to brief ILTM participants about its activities, projects, plans, and programs designed to enable luxury tourism experiences and ensure a seamless user journey for all stakeholders. 

As the Authority also introduced to attendees its seven new regulations, enforced since November 2023, which are aimed at enhancing coastal tourism while ensuring sustainability and safety, including the Visiting Private Yacht Regulation and Large Yacht Chartering Regulation. Moreover, the Authority highlighted opportunities and benefits to investors to attract investment to the Red Sea.

Noting that SRSA was established by a Council of Ministers decision in November 2021. The Authority’s tasks focus on enabling and regulating coastal tourism activities in the Red Sea, including navigational activities such as cruising and yachting; developing mechanisms to protect the marine environment in relation to navigational and marine tourism activities, in collaboration with relevant authorities; supporting investors, including SMEs; and marketing coastal tourism activities to attract practitioners.

The Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA), established in 2021, is an enabler and regulator of marine and navigational tourism activities in the Kingdom’s Red Sea Water. Its focus is supporting the development of a thriving tourism economy for the Kingdom by enabling a prosperous local tourism sector along Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea, while preserving and protecting the sea’s pristine environment. SRSA sits at the intersection of multiple sectors including marine, tourism, transport, and logistics. In addition to regulating marine tourism activities, SRSA will also facilitate coastal tourism activities, support investors including medium and small enterprises, and create employment opportunities. SRSA plays a vital role in developing the Red Sea into a world-class tourism destination that offers diverse and sustainable experiences for visitors.

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SOURCE: Saudi Red Sea Authority Champions Coastal Tourism at ILTM Cannes