Saudi welcomes first group of Chinese tourists from Jin Jiang International with the launch of Radisson Hotel Group’s Welcome China Program in the country

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The Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) is thrilled to announce the arrival of the first group of Chinese tourists, organized by Jin Jiang International, a prominent tourism and hospitality company in China. This historic moment follows the signing of the Approved Destination Status (ADS) agreement between Saudi and China, enabling Chinese travel agencies to promote group tours to Saudi and simplifying visa procedures for Chinese tourists.


The first group of Chinese tourists consists of senior executives from esteemed organizations, including Shanghai Tourism Industry Association, Jiangsu Tourism Association, China International Tourism Service (Jiangsu), China International Tourism Service Wuxi, Tongcheng Travel, and Jin Jiang Travel who spent a total of 5 days 4 nights in Riyadh and Jeddah enjoying a variety of curated experiences, such as visiting Masmak Fortress, Diriyah, Saudi National Museum, Nofa Safari, Al Rajhi Grand Mosque, Kingdom Tower, Jeddah waterfront, Al Balad and Tayebat Museum.

中国首个访沙旅游团由中国旅游行业知名企业的高级管理人员组成,包括上海市旅游行业协会、江苏省旅游协会、中国国旅江苏国际旅行社、中国国旅无锡国际旅行社、同程旅行、途牛和锦江旅游网等。该旅行团在利雅得和吉达逗留了五天四晚,参加了一系列精心设计的活动,游览了马斯马克堡 (又称马斯马克宫)、德拉伊耶老城、沙特国家博物馆、诺法野生动物公园、Al Rajhi大清真寺、吉达塔 (又称国王塔)、吉达水滨、巴拉德老城和泰伊巴特博物馆等景点。

Alhasan Aldabbagh, President of APAC Markets at Saudi Tourism Authority, said “We are delighted to welcome the first group of Chinese tourists from Jin Jiang International to Saudi. This is a significant moment for us, as we have been working relentlessly to develop and diversify our tourism offerings and attract more visitors from China and other Asian markets. We believe that Saudi has a lot to offer to Chinese travelers, who are looking for new and authentic experiences.”

沙特旅游局亚太市场总裁Alhasan Aldabbagh表示:“我们非常高兴接待锦江国际集团组织的首批中国游客。对我们来说,这是一个非常重要的时刻。过去一段时间,我们一直在努力开发多元化的旅游资源,希望从中国和亚洲其他市场吸引更多游客。我们相信,沙特能够为中国旅行者提供丰富精彩的选择,满足他们对地道旅游体验的渴望。”

Ms. Xu, the Secretary-General of the Shanghai Tourism Trade Association, saidWe are highly passionate about this visit to the mystical Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our hope is to bring back to Shanghai the Saudi culture, history, and warmth that we will see, hear, taste, and experience during our visit. We aim to share these enriching experiences with more members of our association. By collaborating with Jin Jiang, we wish to pave the way for Shanghai tourists to visit Saudi.”


Ms. Maria Zheng, CEO of Shanghai Jin Jiang International Travel Co., Ltd. adds “In a significant milestone, on 17 October, the first tour group from China arrived in Riyadh, officially opening the first chapter of Jin Jiang’s group travel to Saudi. By signing the Memorandum of Understanding, Jin Jiang International and Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) set the framework for discussion to evaluate and explore potential collaboration in destination promotion.”


Jin Jiang’s subsidiary, Radisson Hotel Group, recently introduced the “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Welcome China Program” to ensure Chinese guests feel comfortable while travelling to Saudi and Europe. At each participating hotel, Chinese guests will find a range of features and amenities designed and curated for them specifically, to provide them with an excellent experience and make them feel at home.


New tailored offerings cover the full guest experience, from collateral such as welcome letters and menus being available in Chinese, to guests having the ability to pay for anything with Chinese Union pay cards. In the guest rooms, small touches like the provision of tea kettles and a selection of Chinese teas are included. The participating hotels also feature a range of new Food & Beverage options for Chinese speaking travelers, including the addition of traditional dishes like congee, noodles, and dumplings to a curated selection of dishes available as part of the daily breakfast service. Additionally, a WeChat concierge service is now available in six Radisson Hotel Group hotels in Saudi.


Basel Talal, Managing Director Saudi, Kuwait & Levant, adds “As China is on the verge of becoming the world’s largest travel market, offering a wealth of opportunity and potential for international destinations, Radisson Hotel Group has identified several opportunities to realize the potential of the Chinese market in EMEA and more specifically in Saudi. Key initiatives have been defined, including a tailored “KSA Welcome China Program” alongside co-branding a selected number of hotels in Europe. These projects are positioned to not only improve awareness of our Chinese and Radisson Hotel Group brands in Saudi and China respectively, but also to provide an optimal Yes, I Can service to Chinese travelers”.

丽笙酒店集团沙特、科威特与黎凡特地区董事总经理Basel Talal补充说:“中国即将成为全球最大的旅游市场。这对国际旅游目的地而言意味着大量的机会和潜力。丽笙酒店集团已经在欧洲、中东和非洲发现了一系列拓展中国旅游市场的机会,尤其是在沙特。我们已经相应推出了重要的举措,包括制定“沙特王国欢迎中国游客计划”,以及与欧洲的一批精选酒店展开联合品牌营销活动。这些项目不仅有助于扩大我们中国品牌和丽笙酒店集团品牌在沙特和中国的知名度,同时也将丽笙酒店集团卓越的‘Yes I Can! 是,我行!’服务带给中国旅客。”

Jin Jiang Travel offers unique tour packages showcasing the hidden gems of the Saudi, and the company is committed to enhancing the professionalism of hospitality and tourism employees by offering training courses in both China and Saudi.


Saudi Tourism Authority STA is dedicated to strengthening cooperation with Jin Jiang International and other Chinese travel agencies to promote Saudi as a safe and appealing destination for Chinese tourists.


Discover more about Saudi’s tourism offerings on the Visit Saudi website.

垂询沙特旅游资源的更多信息,请访问沙特旅游官方网站Visit Saudi


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