Seychelles – China Tourism Take Spotlight at International Island Tourism Conference in Zhoushan

The interviews, hosted on and Zhoushan TV on October 12th, featured Seychelles’ Principal Secretary for Tourism, Mrs. Sherin Francis, and the Seychelles Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Mrs. Anne Lafortune.

The interviews shed light on the immense potential of island tourism and the opportunities it presents for both Seychelles and China. With a focus on the IITCZS, the interview highlighted the conference’s significance as a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering partnerships, and driving sustainable tourism practices.

During the interviews, Mrs. Francis emphasized the unique allure of Seychelles as a prime tourist destination, boasting its breathtaking natural beauty, pristine beaches, and rich cultural heritage. Mrs. Lafortune echoed these sentiments, expressing her admiration for the affinity Chinese tourists have for Seychelles and the warm hospitality extended by the Seychellois people.

Both representatives expressed their commitment to strengthening the tourism ties between Seychelles and China, recognizing the immense potential for mutually beneficial collaboration.

They stressed the importance of promoting cultural exchanges, facilitating travel and connectivity, and enhancing marketing efforts to attract more Chinese tourists to Seychelles.

The IITCZS served as an ideal backdrop for this interview, bringing together renowned experts, industry leaders, and government officials from around the world to discuss pressing issues and explore innovative solutions in island tourism. The interviews highlighted Seychelles’ dedication to sustainable tourism practices and its commitment to preserving the unique natural and cultural resources that make the islands a must-visit destination.

The Principal Secretary for Tourism and the Seychelles Ambassador to China expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the IITCZS for providing a platform to showcase Seychelles’ tourism potential and for fostering meaningful exchanges with their Chinese counterparts. They hope that these interviews will further strengthen the bonds between Seychelles and China and contribute to the sustainable growth of island tourism.

SOURCE: Seychelles – China Tourism Take Spotlight at International Island Tourism Conference in Zhoushan