Seychelles Tourism Empowers Small Tourism Operators with Free Training 

In a collective effort to provide invaluable support to small tourism operators, the Seychelles Human Resource Development Unit of the Department was thrilled to announce a series of half-day training sessions scheduled throughout the month of October.  

Recognizing the pivotal role small tourism operators play in the flourishing tourism industry, the Department extended a diverse range of training sessions that seamlessly blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills. These sessions, expertly led by seasoned professionals in their respective fields, were meticulously crafted to equip employees with the requisite tools to excel in their daily roles with unparalleled efficiency and expertise. 

The training sessions were open to both new employees seeking a strong foundation in their roles and experienced staff members looking for a refresher course. Participants gained access to critical information and discovered interesting tips and tricks to boost their performance. 

The comprehensive list of training sessions encompassed the following: 

•             Table Setting and Service: A session dedicated to mastering the art of crafting the perfect dining experience. 

•             Welcome Drinks and Cold Towels Preparation: An illuminating session that encompassed the essentials of greeting guests with warmth and maintaining impeccable grooming standards. 

•             Wine Knowledge and Service: A session that aimed to elevate participants’ expertise in wine – an indispensable skill for every hospitality professional. 

•             Housekeeping: A session designed to help participants master the art of upholding a pristine and inviting environment. 

•             Food Safety: An essential course for anyone involved in the handling, preparation, or storage of food, highlighting the importance of safety. 

With a total of 17 sessions scheduled from October 9-30, the Tourism Department welcomed a significant number of enthusiastic participants eager to enhance their skills. 

The Department is dedicated to ensuring that these invaluable training sessions reach as many small tourism operators as possible. Similar sessions are anticipated in the future, along with exciting new topics to further enrich the industry.

The results of these training sessions have exceeded expectations, with participants enthusiastically providing feedback that underscores their success. The Department firmly believes that these targeted training sessions are pivotal for small establishments, which often face limitations in accessing frequent training opportunities due to resource constraints. These sessions are specifically designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees in small tourism operators, ultimately benefiting the country’s tourism industry as a whole. 

SOURCE: Seychelles Tourism Empowers Small Tourism Operators with Free Training