Shanghai Disneyland’s New “Zootopia”

Shanghai Disneyland remains a popular destination despite the cold weather, attracting visitors eagerly anticipating the unveiling of a new “Zootopia” themed area on December 20.

The resort, which debuted in 2016, includes Shanghai Disneyland, an entertainment district, two themed hotels, recreational facilities, a scenic lake, and parking and transportation amenities.

Shanghai Disneyland, the first Disney park in mainland China, has expanded its enchanting offerings with the introduction of a captivating Zootopia themed area. Despite the chilly weather, the park remains a magnetic destination for visitors eagerly anticipating the unveiling of this new section on December 20.

Inspired by Disney Animation’s beloved classic “Zootopia,” the themed area promises an immersive experience with attractions and environments based on the animated film. This addition is part of the resort’s commitment to continuous innovation and expansion since its grand debut in 2016.

With its unique blend of Disney magic and Chinese cultural influences, Shanghai Disneyland’s Zootopia themed area is poised to enchant guests and contribute to the park’s reputation as a must-visit destination.

SOURCE: Shanghai Disneyland’s New “Zootopia”