Skal International Reveals Election Results for 2024

Votes were cast during the Annual General Assembly of the Skal international organization held on Friday, November 3, 2023, in Malaga, Spain, for the 2024 Executive Board, Auditors, and Membre d’Honneur distinction.

It was also voted upon that site of the 2025 Skal International World Congress will be in Cusco, Peru.


President 2024:  Annette Cardenas

Vice President 2024 & President Elect 2025:  Denise Scrafton

Auditor (2024-2025):  Rafael Juan Millan Perez

Deputy Auditor (2024):  Suresh A R

Dirctors & Deputy Directors:


Director:  Andres Hayes

Deputy Director:  Richard Scinta

Canada, Bahamas

Director:  Marc Rheaume

Deputy Director:  Jean-Francois Cote


Director:  Enrique Flores

Deputy Director:  Ricardo Cordova


Director:  Toni Ritter

Deputy Director:  Franziska During


Director:  Sonia Spinelli

Deputy Director:  Jorge de la Torre Koch

Northern Europe

Director:  Bertrand Petyt

Deputy Director:  Kari Halonen

Southern Europe

Director:  Josa Luis Quintero

Deputy Director:  Irena Persic Zivadinov


Director:  Asuman Tariman

Deputy Director:  Deniz Anapa


Director:  Mohan NSN

Deputy Director:  Sanjay Datta


Director:  Kitty Wong

Deputy Director:  Kevin Sydney Rautenbach


Director:  Bruca Garrett

Deputy Director:  Graham Mann


Director:  Olukemi Soetan

Deputy Director:  Fiona Angelico

Membre D’Honneur of Skal International:

George Booth, Perth Australia

Dilip Borawaka, Pune, India

Leighton Cameron, Christchurch, New Zealand

Partha Chatterjee, Bombay, India, Posthumously

Abimbola Durosinmi-Etti, Lagos, Nigeria

Charles Fabian, Coimbatore, India

Frances Fausett, Darwin, Australia,

Augusto Minei, Roma, Italy

Sabrina Nayudu, Chennai, India

Ganesh P, Coimbatore, India

Leonard William Pullen, Orlando, USA

Rajinder Rai, Delhi, India

Rajandra Singh Bhati, Bangalore, India

Manav Soni, Kolkata, India

Sunil V A, Bombay, India

The vision and mission of Skal is to be a trusted voice in travel and tourism through leadership, professionalism, and friendship; to work together to achieve the organization’s vision, maximize networking opportunities, and support a responsible tourism industry.

SOURCE: Skal International Reveals Election Results for 2024