Slides, filth and smiles: A household- welcoming stay at Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya

I was born and raised on Nickelodeon. I usually dreamed of being slimed or visiting SpongeBob SquarePants ‘ papaya- shaped residence under the water. Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya is still a big part of my day-to-day career as a family, and I’ve been interested in it ever since it opened in 2021. After a subsequent visit with my family, I may state Mexico’s first Nickelodeon- themed all- diverse resort nailed the fun, frivolity and nostalgia I love about the brand without sacrificing the upscale all- diverse experience the resort promises. And indeed, I did lose weight. More than once. What is the complete disclosure to Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya? What is Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya? Riviera Maya Resorts and Hotels by Nickelodeon Hotels &. TARAH CHIEFFI/THE Items GUYAs the title suggests, Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya is a Nickelodeon- themed all- inclusive resort really outside Cancun, Mexico. Although the resort is obviously geared toward people, during our visit, I felt like it was reaching out to my particular group of people: older youngsters with young children. The exhibits and figures represented ranged from those that were famous when I was a kid, like” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”,” Are You Afraid of the Dark”? and” Rugrats” to television programs like” SpongeBob SquarePants” and” Paw Patrol,” which I personally prefer. The resort’s main lobby, the beachfront building, and the Aqua Nick water park are all located here. The entrance and water area are close enough to wander between, but you must get a shuttle to achieve your collection. Each neighborhood offers its own kitchen establishments and actions. When we arrived, my husband and I were greeted with agua fresca and my kids received green slime smoothies ( that were delicious, by the way ). The resort’s décor, refreshments, and, of course, the real slime are all called slime. Though it is the first in Mexico, this resort is the next Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts site. The first Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, opened in 2016 ( see TPG’s 2019 review here ). Karisma Hotels, the company that runs both places, operates another beach location companies, to, including some Margaritaville and Azul properties. How to reserve a room at Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Riviera Maya Resort. TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUYIt’s easiest to book your stay at Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya straight through the hotel’s site. It has a website with particular offers to help you save money while you are there. If you have a trusted go agent, they may also be able to assist you with your scheduling to ensure you find the best price and any put- stats you may be interested in, like resort services or personality meals. Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya can be booked through the Capital One travel agency if you have a Capital One card that is valid. The pricing is similar to what you would find by booking directly, but you can earn up to 10 miles per dollar spent if you book using cash ( based on which card you use ) or use Captial One miles to reserve your stay. The cost of your all-inclusive stay at Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya includes: DiningDrinks ( alcoholic and non-alcoholic ), access to the Aqua Nick water park, access to the Club Nick kids club, daily character meet-and-greets and activities, airport transportation, fitness center access, classes, taxes, and gratuities. For example, a standard swim- up king suite for two adults and one child in May 2024 would cost roughly$ 1, 200 per night during the resort’s 30 % off Summer of SpongeBob promotion. One dollar a night for a family of two with three adults sharing the same room type would cost$ 1,702. Whether that number seems high to you depends on your typical vacation budget. My family and I did n’t spend a dime on anything other than a few souvenirs at the gift shop and an additional housekeeping gratuity during our stay because that cost was a lot of food and entertainment. The number may give some travelers sticker shock, but the number you are looking at is essentially your all- in vacation cost for food, activities and accommodations. Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Punta Cana’s pricing may be more affordable for you if you are in the market for a budget-friendly vacation. Similar accommodations for a family of five in May 2024 were under$ 1, 000 per night. Each of the hotel’s 280 suites faces the ocean and has a balcony with a plunge pool, which is one of the things I was most looking forward to when I planned this trip. My kids were almost as excited as I was. My kids actually hoped our neighbors would jump in at some point when they were playing in the plunge pool, but we never crossed paths. If you were traveling with a large group and had connecting groups, this setup would be ideal. 1 of 4Nickelodeon Resorts & Hotels. TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUYWalking a few steps to the balcony to see the sunrise or listen to the ocean at night was a highlight for sure, and my kids started every morning and ended every evening in the plunge pool. Because the balcony above yours obscures the pools, do n’t expect the water to be too warm; however, the temperature was n’t high enough to prevent us from spending a lot of time there. The balcony also had comfortable seating where I could read my book and drink a Diet Coke from the minibar while the kids played. A drying rack that could hold wet towels also rolled out of the wall. 1 of 5Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts. Our 581 square-foot room, which was TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUY, was equally impressive. The entire room was immaculately themed to various Nickelodeon shows without feeling childish. With a mix of obvious character integrations, such as SpongeBob artwork hanging above the bed, and more subtly subtle nods, such as a decorative pillow covered in pineapples, the room was bright and playful. Guest suites sleep up to five people, with either one king bed, a Murphy bed and a sofa bed or two queen beds and a sofa bed. A separate seating area with a small dining table is located across from the sofa bed. Each room also has two TVs, but because of their proximity, it was too distracting to watch two different shows. To allow everyone to get in their own bed and watch TV, we simply switched the two channels to the same one. 1 of 5Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts. The rooms have fully equipped minibars that include soda, water, milk, beer, chips, and chocolate bars. Housekeeping did n’t refill the minibar or Nespresso coffee pods for the espresso machine that lived above the minibar automatically, but we could call and request any items we needed to be replaced. Housekeeping did arrive twice each day, once for a thorough cleaning and once for a turndown service in the evening. In the hallway leading from the front door to the main living and sleeping area, there were multiple closets with space for storing your belongings. Additionally, we discovered extra bedding, robes, an umbrella, and an iron. 1 of 7Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts. Each guest suite also has two fully equipped bathrooms, which is a great plus when you have two adults and three children trying to get ready at once. There was an en suite bathroom with a toilet, a tub, a shower and a double vanity, plus a secondary bathroom with a toilet, a shower and a single vanity. Both showers had refillable bath products, as well as refillable hand lotion and soap at the sinks. My favorite touch was the green slime sticker on the new toilet paper rolls. The resort’s restaurants are available at the hotel and the water park, including the restaurants at TARAH CHIEFFI and THE POINTS GUY. Here’s a bit more about the ones we tried during our stay. We enjoyed trying all the dining establishments, so I would suggest trying them all. Piazza1 of 4Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. A” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” themed restaurant is TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUYPiazza in the main lobby building. It’s also the only restaurant that requires a reservation ( other than specialty dining experiences like a character breakfast or private meal on the beach ). Although the menu included salads, flatbreads, and pasta, it primarily featured the Turtles ‘ favorite food, pizza. Our server brought bread with olive oil and balsamic for dipping when we were seated, and I ordered the Casey Jones pizza with serrano ham, pears, mozzarella, baby spinach and tomatoes. If you were n’t too hungry, you could share the pizza, which was delicious and the right size. Le Spatula1 of 4Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. The main breakfast spot, which is also located in the main lobby building, is TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUYLe Spatula. The name and theming come from SpongeBob’s iconic spatula. One of the largest breakfast buffets I’ve ever encountered at an all-inclusive resort, with seemingly endless options. My kids could have waffles and bacon while I had a Spanish omelet, chia pudding and chicken broth. The whipped cream and sprinkles on top were presented when my kids ordered chocolate milk, and the espresso that my husband and I each had set us up for a day at the water park. 1 of 2Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. The restaurant was enormous, but because it was the only breakfast buffet, we would typically have to wait 10 or 15 minutes for a table. We did n’t mind, though, because the hotel’s two resident cats posted up outside the restaurant each morning, and my kids were happy to spend a few minutes petting the cats while we waited ( the cats seemed happy about it, too ). Nick Bistro1 of Riviera Maya Resorts and 3Nickelodeon Hotels. TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUYNick Bistro is a buffet located at the Aqua Nick water park. Although the character breakfast is available for an additional fee on some mornings, it is open daily for lunch. The food here was plentiful and varied. My husband and I preferred the seafood, plantains, guacamole, and fresh fruits and vegetables over the bread and sliced meats and cheeses that were provided for our children to make sandwiches. There is also a large display with candy, desserts and a soft serve machine. We could stop in here for the kids to grab a treat while we were there, too. Good Burger1 of 3Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. The retro Volkswagen van that serves ice cream and milkshakes opens at 3: 30 p.m., allowing you to grab an afternoon treat before dinner, but TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUYGood Burger is available for dinner. This restaurant is in the beachfront building where the guest suites are located, so it was easy to pop downstairs for our dinner here. They each gave each of us a plate with a ketchup-drained hamburger on top. Shortly after, a basket of fries and onion rings appeared at our table. I chose to try as many burgers as I could, so I used the chef’s choice slider sampler. The burgers were good, but they also did n’t taste that different from one another, so I would recommend just choosing your favorite burger and ordering that. The Good Burger theming from” All That” will make you feel nostalgic if you watched Nickelodeon as a child. Memorable quotes from the show were used as artwork throughout the restaurant, making for a lot of fun photo moments. 4Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya, bottom bar1. TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUYThe Bikini Bottom Bar is also conveniently located in the guest suite building. This SpongeBob-themed lounge performs a variety of functions throughout the day. It is open for coffee every morning, breakfast most days of the week, lunch every afternoon and stays open daily until 11 p. m. Needless to say, we paid this lounge many a visit. We mostly stopped in for drinks and mocktails in the morning, but we did stop in for lunch one afternoon. The kids had spaghetti ( their favorite kids menu item at the resort ), and my husband and I tried the tacos. Octopus tacos were delicious and fresh, and I had them. This is also where we discovered our favorite cocktail of the weekend: a Spicy Mezcalita. Essentially, this drink is a margarita made with mezcal rather than tequila, some jalapeno slices added, and a Tajin rim. Take my word for it, and give this drink a try. Swimming at this resort was plentiful, with plenty of opportunities at the beach and water park. In addition to our plunge pool, there were two large beachfront pools on the first floor of the building. The length of the building has three pools with swim-up bars, each one of which is located next to the pool. 1 of 5Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. Instead of the tiny plunge pools on the higher floors, you have a room on the first floor with in-water loungers and swim-up access to your room. There was ample seating, and most chairs had umbrellas and tables. There was also a shallow baby pool for young swimmers. 1 of 4Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. It was simple to walk back and forth between the beach and the pool. There are n’t many chairs on the beach, but there are a few, and it’s not like you get to sit down often when you travel with kids anyway. A server frequently made the rounds taking drink orders and provided towels. The beach here is best for wading in the surf, going for a walk or playing in the sand. To combat beach erosion and improve the health of the natural reef, which is a part of the second-largest barrier reef in the world, is currently being constructed. In my opinion, the artificial reef was not a deterrent or an eyesore. Instead, I hope that the beach and its ecosystem are improved by the conservation effort. 1 of 3Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. Our kids begged us to go back to the water park repeatedly, regardless of how nice the beach was. This 6- acre water park has something for everyone. There are two lazy rivers, one fast and the other slow, a slide tower with raft and body slides, an indoor and outdoor pool, and two kiddie water slides. The main play area was a multilevel playground called Bikini Bottom Beach. The kids spent hours in this area alone because there were several slides and interactive areas. 1 of 2Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. A play area for younger children based on Adventure Bay from” Paw Patrol” was also present. I was impressed that the slides were essentially miniature versions of some of the big- kid slides, and there was also a large but shallow swimming pool. Riviera Maya Resorts and Hotels by Nickelodeon Hotels &. TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUYWhat I was most excited about at the water park was the daily group Super Sliming on Bikini Bottom Beach. Every afternoon around 1: 30 p.m., the activity staff members gathered everyone around the giant Nickelodeon blimp for a group sliming. You can check the exact time through the hotel’s app or speak with a staff member. Personally, I have dreamed of being slimed since I was a child watching” You Can’t Do That On Television”, and I will admit that I teared up a bit when my dream finally came true. There is no need to worry if you are worried about the slime staining your clothes. It washes right out as soon as you get back in the water. Riviera Maya Resorts and Hotels by Nickelodeon Hotels &. TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUYIf a group sliming is n’t an intimate enough experience for you, you can reserve a private slime experience for your family. Every family who had signed up for this event was truly made special by the Aqua Nick team. They take photos and videos with your phone so you can relive the experience — they even interview you before and after you get slimed. My family and I were my main memories, and I firmly believe it should be a must-do experience if you visit this resort. Day- to- night activities and super helpful staffNickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. Despite spending the majority of our time at the water park, there were activities throughout the day and the entire night. Download the Karisma app before your visit because this is where you’ll find the schedule of activities each day ( as well as restaurant hours and menus ). Daily activities included beach volleyball, giant Jenga, pool games, and so much more. There are character meet- and- greets in all three areas of the resort, but I had my heart set on meeting SpongeBob. However, he seems to be the most well-known, so if you’re like me and want to interact with SpongeBob, arrive 15 to 20 minutes early and line up. The staff members really shined here as well. Even though they had to move quickly through the line, they took photos and videos with our phones and perfectly captured the moment. 1 of 5Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. The Club Nick kids club is close to the water park, so kids can go to TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUY. There are areas for free play, like slides, a ball pit, toys and video game consoles, but the space also hosts crafts and activities throughout the day. Our children, of course, stopped by to make green slime-colored tie-dye T-shirts. 1 of 4Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. A Snick lounge was unquestionably geared toward parents in the main lobby, which is located next to the POINTS GUY. Though there were green slime drinks and video games for the kids, the decor was pure’ 90s nostalgia. Snick ( short for Saturday Night Nickelodeon ) shows like” Are You Afraid of the Dark” were represented in artwork. and” Ren and Stimpy”. On the Big Orange Couch, I had my” Clarissa Explains It All” moment upstairs. You can stop in to hang out here anytime, but there is entertainment, like musicians and magicians, in the evening. Riviera Maya Resorts and Hotels by Nickelodeon Hotels &. TARAH CHIEFFI/THE POINTS GUYThe primary nighttime entertainment spot is held at the Main Stage near the water park. Each night’s show has a different theme, and they also have an interactive game show called Slime Time Live where contestants can compete on stage. During our visit, we saw Show Mexicano, a look at the history of Mexico through music and dance. Other nights saw performances from magicians, acrobats, and more. AccessibilityFrom what I observed during my visit, the resort is very wheelchair friendly. There were wheelchair-accessible guestrooms, ramps leading to the beach and pool areas, elevators in each building, and floating wheelchairs for the lazy river. The resort is also certified in the Autism Double- Checked program. Specialized concierges at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Riviera Maya can assist with specific needs, provide information on crowds, safety, quiet areas, and more. Checking outNickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya. Nickelodeon Hotels &amp, Resorts Riviera Maya spoke to the deepest parts of my soul as someone who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s and is now an unashamed lover of theme parks and themed experiences. Even if it does n’t quite touch you in the same way, if you have children, it is a solid all- inclusive vacation option with good value and very helpful staff. The water park was one of the best I’ve ever been to, the food was delicious, the accommodations were spacious and clean, and I finally realized my lifelong desire to slim down. What more can you ask for in a hotel? Readings that are related: