Southwest Airlines Orders 108 Boeing 737 MAX Jets

Southwest Airlines announced that it has placed an order with Boeing for additional 108 Boeing 737 MAX jets.

The new deal supports Southwest’s odernization strategy and provides flexibility to expand its fleet.

The 737 family has long served Southwest Airlines by helping fuel the airline’s continued growth. Southwest has placed over 300 orders for the 737-7, growing its orderbook to more than 500 737 MAX jets. Once certified, the 737-7 will join the carrier’s all-Boeing 737 fleet.

The 737-7 has the longest range in its class, capable of flying up to 3,800 nautical miles and carrying up to 172 passengers. The enhanced environmental performance of the 737 MAX allows carriers to reduce fuel use compared to the previous generation of airplanes. The 737 MAX is also quieter, creating a smaller noise footprint than older jets it replaces.

SOURCE: Southwest Airlines Orders 108 Boeing 737 MAX Jets