Sri Lanka Tourism Break Their Silence!

After being absent for 16 years in tourism promotion, Sri Lanka tourism has finally unveiled its new global tourism campaign. “You’ll Come Back For More” is what Sri Lanka has chosen to break their silence in tourism promotion that had halted since 2007.

The new campaign will roll out in stages, starting by highlighting the country’s restored stability and its readiness to receive tourists until February. Later phases will expand on the theme of “You’ll come back for more,” aiming at key markets for Sri Lanka Tourism.

Ogilvy, the creative agency leading the campaign, developed its strategy based on insights showing that more than 30% of tourists visiting Sri Lanka are returning visitors.

The government has called upon the private sector to actively participate in attracting tourists, with Tourism Minister Harin Fernando highlighting that the government’s role is primarily to create a conducive environment for tourism.

Sri Lanka Tourism Goals

Sri Lanka aims to achieve 1.5 million tourist arrivals this year, considered modest considering the country’s capacity and potential. By November, Sri Lanka had already welcomed 1.3 million tourists, with India as the top contributor with nearly 260,000 arrivals, followed by Russia with 168,000 tourists, based on the latest tourism data.

Sri Lanka intends to welcome 2.5 million tourists in the upcoming year.

Free Visa To Revitalize Sri Lanka Tourism

As a part of its plan to revitalize the tourism sector and reach a goal of 5 million arrivals by 2026, Sri Lanka has declared it will offer free tourist visas until March to visitors from seven countries: India, China, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Sri Lanka’s recent initiatives in tourism follow a backdrop of anti-government protests in the past year, stemming from shortages of essentials like food, fuel, and medicine starting in April. This situation led to a declared state of emergency, marking one of the nation’s most severe economic crises.

These challenges significantly impacted the country’s tourism industry, leading to disruptions and setbacks in attracting visitors. The efforts to revive tourism are crucial not only for economic recovery but also for rebuilding the nation’s image and stability in the global tourism market.

SOURCE: Sri Lanka Tourism Break Their Silence!