St. E. Healthy Headlines: It can be difficult to travel during the holidays with a kitten.

You can’t wait to introduce your new joyous bundle to family and friends during this holiday season, but traveling in the colder months and dealing with all the germs that come with it can be overwhelming. Our maternal child health experts at St. Elizabeth Healthcare have taken the liberty of creating a list of helpful hints for traveling with infants during the holidays. Cheri Prodoehl, who is the Maternal Child Health Education Specialist at St. Elizabeth, has a recommendation for anyone traveling with a new baby – be prepared. She suggests, “Creating a plan and looking into the details of your trip ahead of time will make the experience much simpler.” “Be prepared for things like delays, diaper disasters, hunger fits, minor illnesses, etc. If it’s possible, bring along someone to assist you. It’s critical to be mindful that newborns and infants cannot maintain their body temperature on their own, so checking in on them regularly is necessary to be sure they are neither too hot nor cold, the article suggests. Advice regarding Winter Travel with Newborns. Put on individual articles of clothing that are close-fitting on the infant for car journeys. Ensure that the layers are thin. It is not safe to dress infants in puffy jackets or snow suits while they are in a car; the heat created could become dangerous for the infant’s well-being. Many clothing companies have thin fleece coats with hoods made specifically for newborns, which is a great item to dress the baby in before putting them in their car seat.