Summer Is Coming: Skin-Care For Sun And Fun!

Warmer weather means more time outdoors, enjoying the sun and having carefree fun. Before you hit the beach, hike or enjoy an outdoor picnic you should make sure your skincare routine is summer-ready.

While many already have sunscreen incorporated into their daily summer skincare routine, that’s not the only summer essential. Bug repellent is an often-forgotten item that is a must-have ahead of your summer outdoor activities. Summer is peak mosquito and tick season, and our expert dermatologist wants to help you stay protected. Prevention is the best protection against mosquito bites and it’s important to incorporate bug spray into your everyday summer skincare routine.

We know what you’re thinking, bug spray isn’t always kind to my skin with the unpleasant smell and greasy feel. Thankfully, there are now options, for adults and kids alike, with no odor or greasy feel!

Sunscreen, bug spray, moisturizer and more! Get your morning summer routine refreshed with the essentials and pack your to-go beach bag with your favorite wide-brim hat and sunglasses to avoid bites and the heat this summer!

Dr. Jessica Wu, an expert dermatologist share her recommended summer skin-care essentials.