SUNx brings Climate Friendly travel to Ukraine

In the middle of a war brought on by the brutal invasion of Ukraine, one might rationally think that there was no place for tourism. This isn’t true; domestic travel continues, and with the positive mindset of young people, it can be assumed to be a bright post-war future.

SunX, in its latest news blog, writes:

We heard from representatives of the Ukraine Government and Kyiv Municipality, our new Chapter leaders, and the Chair and President of SUNx Malta.

Dame Maureen Lipman, an award-winning UK actress and sister of SUNx Malta President, has I-painted a unique picture to show solidarity with Ukraine.

SUNx will give all members of our new traveler-focused Climate Friendly Travel Club a signed copy.

Subsequently, Olly Wheatcroft and Geoffrey Lipman met at World Travel Market in London with one of our Ukraine Chapter leaders, Mariia Rastvorova, and the Head of Tourism for the Kyiv Municipality, Maryana Radova.

It was agreed that our Climate Friendly Travel Servicers Social Enterprise would undertake a Plan B for Climate Friendly Travel for Ukraine and Kyiv once the war is over.

The biggest threat is we go soft on the Code Red Climate Crisis and do business as usual with lots of PR 2050 Net kick the can down the road promises – amplified by the paid media and alphabet organizations leading the complacency.

At SUNx – Strong Universal Network and SUNx Malta, our response is to:

Build a global plan B of #ClimateFriendlyTravel – Paris 1.5/SDG linked/Nature+. 

Launch #ClimateFriendlyTravel Chapters – mostly in poor countries and small islands

Train chapter leaders through our postgraduate #ClimateFriendlyTravel Diploma. 

Profile committed companies through our #ClimateFriendlyTravel Registry. 

Support through our #ClimateFriendlyTravel Club: Services & Facility social enterprises

Educate to Act to peak GHG 2025 / climate justice /  100k Strong Champions by 2030

And be a loyal GTB Partner for decent outreach.

Services & Facility social enterprises- Educate to Act to peak GHG 2025 / climate justice /  100k Strong Champions by 2030- And be a loyal GTB Partner for decent outreach.

At SUNx, we have been campaigning for an “Aviation Moon-shot” for years (see Prof. Geoffrey Lipman Assad Kotaite Lecture 2019).

The core issue is that aviation is vital to Tourism – and thus livelihoods: has an evident 2050 pathway to increasing ghg emissions – which is being whitewashed by collective marketing and PR.

So we better all start to do something about it now – airlines, aircraft manufacturers, fuel companies, and governments.

We have also strongly argued the case for special treatment for LDC and SIDS, who need air services for tourism and livelihood survival.

In the complex legalization of Air Service Agreements – the basis for aviation operations between nation-states- the term “Essential Air Services” (EAS) has always been used to support markets governments need to preserve and protect. It’s a term coined by developed states to provide a recognized framework for subsidy and a shield from competition.

We believe that air services to LDC & especially SIDS (who have no other routine connectivity) are essential air services and should be recognized as such. They should get international guarantees for continuing operation – especially for Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

The CFT Registry

is the only direct link from the tourism sector to the U.N. Climate Action Platform and the Paris Climate Agreement

It gives you a fast diagnostic for a Plan B for Paris 1.5 (Climate Action Plan) and Climate Friendly Travel growth.

Shows the increasingly climate-conscious travelers that you are committed to meeting national climate targets, as well as key elements of the SDG and CBD

It gives you eco-badges to demonstrate your Paris 1.5 vision and action.

Keeps you ahead of the regulatory curve.

The Climate Friendly Travel Club was first announced at the World Tourism Network Summit (TIME 2023) in Bali on October 2

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SOURCE: SUNx brings Climate Friendly travel to Ukraine