Swifty, a lasting travel brand, introduces its first legal e-scooter in the UK.

Swifty Scooters, an impartial American manufacturer, has just released a ground-breaking product that marks a major turning point in the history of English transportation. The Swifty GO GT500 is the first road-legal e-skiff that a buyer can purchase to become the first to receive formal approval for road use in the UK. Swifty Scooter: A Kick Bike Swifty has been on a quest to create products that have an instant effect on reducing road transportation emissions with conservation in thinking from day one.
Exports to 56 countries around the world from Australia to the United States, SwiftyONE Kick ScooterSwiftySwifty exports. The company has been a leader in kick ( non- electric ) scooters that provide a fantastic, environmentally friendly way to navigate a city’s top sights. For use on buses, trains, and the metro, these scooters are available in a foldable version ( similar to a Brompton bike ).
The first and only legal e-scooter in the UK is Swifty Scooters ‘ new SwiftyGo electric scooter, which will add an e-scooter to their extensive line of products, making city scooting even simpler. The UK’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Association ( DVSA ) has certified the Swifty GO GT500 as a Stand-On Moped within the L1e-B category, underlining its compliance with stringent safety and regulatory standards, in contrast to traditional e-scooters. What is the legal status of e-scooters right now in the UK? E-scooters that are privately owned are not permitted to ride on UK roads. The GT500 is the first and only Stand- On Moped available in the UK ( L1e- B category ). This makes Swifty a pioneering force in the e-skate industry, demonstrating a commitment to both innovation and safety, and is an important distinction from other e-skates.
Sustainable Travel
With less than 5 miles of travel in shorter than 5 miles and a major contributor to harmful emissions, Swifty’s vehicles provide a safe, accessible, and enjoyable option for urban and suburban travel. As Co- founder Camilla Iftakhar says, “if we’re going to convince people to swap car journeys for micro- mobility, vehicles need to be safe to ride, have cargo capacity, safe battery technology and be able to be easily serviced and repaired. The GT500 is easy to ride and extremely low- cost to run”.
Leading the charge in battery safetySwiftyGo ScooterSwifty scootersThe Swifty GO is the only e-scooter to use lithium-ferophosphate ( LFP), a technology that recently won the company’s” Best Start-Up 2023″ award at the Micromobility Industries Summit in the USA. Tesla’s LFP battery is one of the safest on the market because it is free of toxic heavy metals like nickel and cobalt, which is why it uses LFP, the same battery chemistry, for example. In other words, unlike other electric batteries, it wo n’t catch on fire.
The 15Ah LFP battery powers a 500W motor, can be fast- charged in less than an hour and provides 25 miles of range. With only £0.006 per mile, the Swifty GO GT500 is undoubtedly the cheapest mode of transportation. Co-founder Jason Iftakhar asserts that” safety is of the essence for us and our customers. The GT500 will help us cement our place in history by standing out as a leader in the field and demonstrate that this level of safety is achievable.
The new Swifty GO GT500 electric vehicle can now be pre-ordered for summer delivery in the UK for RRP £3499. The price includes the UK vehicle registration. To legally ride the Swifty GO GT500 on UK roads, customers will need a CBT or motorcycle license, insurance, and a motorcycle helmet.
The other Swifty GO G500 electric model retails for £2499.
Kick- scooters are from £640 for SwiftyAIR or £840 for the folding SwiftyONE