Swiss Helicopter Rescue Company Air Zermatt Expands its Fleet

Bell Textron Inc., a subsidiary of Textron Inc., revealed during the European Rotors 2023 event that it has handed over its third Bell 429 helicopter to Air Zermatt, a Swiss helicopter rescue company.

“Air Zermatt’s acquisition of a third Bell 429 not only highlights their devotion to providing life-saving search-and-rescue missions in a particularly demanding environment in the Swiss Alps, but also their trust in Bell in getting them through the missions quickly and safely,” said Jacinto Jose Monge, Europe managing director, Bell. “We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Air Zermatt as they expand their capabilities in the region.”

The rescue company, equipped with a team of 75 medical and flight staff, conducts various operations including transportation, tourist flights, and rescue missions within the Swiss Alps and nearby areas. Annually, they perform roughly 2,000 rescue missions, predominantly utilizing the Bell 429 helicopter for these endeavors.

Gerold Biner, the acting CEO of Air Zermatt until the close of 2023, highlighted the significance of Bell’s aircraft in advancing their mission. The inclusion of a third Bell 429 will notably expand their capacity to offer search-and-rescue assistance to the Swiss Valais community.

Furthermore, Air Zermatt has chosen to enroll their entire Bell 429 fleet in Bell’s Customer Advantage Plan (CAP), a program safeguarding against maintenance expenses and sustaining the aircraft’s value, ensuring their prolonged serviceability.

Biner emphasized the significance of the CAP program in maintaining the longevity of Air Zermatt’s fleet, offering immediate technical support when needed in their challenging operational environment.

Meanwhile, the Bell 429 remains highly coveted in Europe among operators in healthcare emergency services (HEMS) and law enforcement.

It provides spaciousness within the light twin helicopter category, featuring a roomy cabin with flat flooring and seating for seven passengers. This design, coupled with its smooth flight capabilities and reliability, accommodates two litter carriers comfortably, a critical advantage for HEMS operations.

SOURCE: Swiss Helicopter Rescue Company Air Zermatt Expands its Fleet