Take a Ride on The Chepe Express to discover Chihuahua, Mexico

Ride the Chepe Express]Image Chepe Express on Facebook ] Recently, travel news has been about the Maya Train on the Yucatan Peninsula, but that is n’t the only train of interest, as the Chepe Express is a great way to explore Northern Mexico. The Chihuahua Express offers a nine-hour, stunning train ride through north Mexico’s state of Chihuahua. Also, the coach takes its passengers from Los Mochis in Sinaloa, to Creel in Chihuahua, with a wonderfully scenic road from the Pacific Coast to the stunning rocky inside. On the Chepe Express, travelers can examine Chihuahua, Mexico. The journey from Los Mochis to Creel can be done in a day for those who want to travel from point A to point B. ]Image Chepe Express on Facebook ] Nonetheless, much like the fly- on- hop- off buses in some tourist destinations, travelers may halt in each destination on the route. A quiet train ride can be enjoyed over several weeks, stopping off at each stop to spend the night. All aboard the Chepe Express]Image Chepe Express on Facebook ] – Los MochisLos Mochis]Image Chepe Express on Facebook ] The Chepe Express journey starts in Los Mochis, a scenic town a short drive from the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Before catching the coach for your trip, visit Topolobampo, a city located on the coast, or spend time in the Jardín Botánico Benjamin Francis Johnston before climbing ship. El Fuerte, the lovely colonial capital, is the next stop on the Chepe Express. Travelers can visit the Cerro de la Mascara historic site, which features more than 300 ancient petroglyphs set against stunning scenery, or the state’s wonderful streets. El Fuerte]Image Chepe Express on Facebook] The state’s gallery is an exciting attend, while writing lovers may enjoy visiting the home of the imaginary figure, El Zorro. While tourists observe the restaurants and bars that serve local specialties like chilorio and machacha, the city offers numerous places to stay for the night. – BahuichivoVisit Bahuichivo]Image Chepe Express on Facebook ] After spending time in El Fuerte, travellers can climb up onboard the Chepe Express and nose to the first stop in Chihuahua, Mexico – Bahuichivo. A visit to the Huicochi fountain or the picturesque village of Cerocahui, with its picturesque vineyards, is provided for people. Furthermore, stroll around the city to feel the history of the later 1600s, or like a birdwatching trip. – DivisaderoAfter climbing back on board, the vehicle’s next halt is Divisadero, a village nestling in the Copper Canyon Mountains. After disembarking, tourists can encounter three amazing views of the Urique, Tararecua and del Cobre mountains. Divisadero]Image Chepe Express on Facebook ] Meanwhile, this area is among the most developed for commerce, with three exceptional accommodations and many activities in this spectacular part of Mexico. Vacationers can choose to ride a cable car, ride a zipline through the hills, or both. Before continuing on the Chepe Express to make its final quit, stop for a while. – CreelCreel]Image Chepe Express on Facebook ] The next stop on the Chepe Express is Creel, a place known for its beautiful spectacular natural places. Guests can choose to go boating, explore Lake Arareko, explore various rocks, or board a boat down the El Fuerte River. Otherwise, explore the area on horseback, move ATV- ing to appreciate more adventures. However, Creel is designated a Magic Town by the Mexican authorities, meaning there is something particular in business. Make sure to visit the local museum ( pictured above ), which honors the local handicrafts, and ensure you buy some to take home. Once you have visited Creel, you can change the Chepe Express train journey back to Sinaloa, a place worthy of exploration. Unage Chepe Express on Facebook [ Related with the official website, which lists even more exciting activities along the route from Sinaloa to Creel. Anne Sewell has various travel articles available here.