Taking a taxi in Dubai just became cheaper

by: Juergen T Steinmetz | copyright: eTurboNews – Travel & Tourism News

Dubai is the city taxis are the way to go. The taxi tariff has been reduced from 2.19 per kilometer to 1.97 per kilometer.

Dubai tourism will benefit from the reduction in taxi fares.

The lower rates with a 22 fils (6 US cent) reduction are already implemented. announced with immediate effect. This counts for taxis, limousines, and other public transportation.

A 20-kilometer taxi trip will now cost DHS 4.40 less is now cheaper by Dhs 4.40. The starting tariff and Dh12 minimum taxi fare stay the same.

The drop in prices has been attributed to the reduction in fuel prices. 

On 30 December, the UAE announced reduced retail fuel prices for the month of January 2023. Super 98 petrol costs Dh2.78 a liter or 76 US cents, a further decrease from December’s price of Dhs 3.30 per liter. Diesel costs Dh3.29 a liter compared to Dh3.74 in December, while E-Plus 91 petrol costs Dh2.59 a liter, compared to Dh3.11 a liter in December.

In September last year, authorities in Sharjah announced a reduction of the minimum fare by Dh1. Ajman also announced that the taxi tariff had been reduced by six percent, also attributing it to dropping fuel prices.

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