TAL Aviation Sends Team Pomegranate to Help with War Consequences

Since many airlines stopped flying to Israel due to the current war situation, most farms in Israel have been left without workers to pick the fruit. The farm that welcomed TAL employees is currently without workers, and the fruit would rot if not picked.

TAL Aviation put out the word to employees, asked for volunteers, and organized transportation to the orchard on the farm, with the assurance a shelter would be nearby should a rocket alarm be heard while picking. 

The volunteers came back and expressed what an enlightening event it was.

They worked closely with colleagues while contributing to a worthy cause. And bravo to these brave volunteers who were kind enough to bring back some pomegranates to the office the next day.

TAL Aviation management is now working on a second volunteer event where its employees can lend a helping hand. This is responsible tourism in action.

Voluntourism From the Frontline to the Visitor

Like TAL Aviation, those on the frontline, such as airline crews, hotel employees, and airport workers are often right up there with first responders, stepping in to make a difference when help is needed.

Voluntourism, short for volunteer tourism, is a form of tourism in which travelers may also participate in voluntary work to help communities or the environment in the destinations they visit. Voluntourism combines the elements of travel and volunteering, allowing individuals to contribute their time and skills to charitable projects while experiencing new cultures and destinations.

Voluntourism activities can vary widely and may include tasks such as teaching, building infrastructure, environmental conservation, healthcare support, or disaster relief efforts. Participants often work alongside local communities or organizations, aiming to make a positive impact on the host community.

It is essential for voluntourism programs to be well-organized, culturally sensitive, and guided by the needs and priorities of the local communities. Responsible voluntourism emphasizes meaningful engagement, mutual respect, and long-term positive outcomes for both volunteers and the communities they serve. Travelers interested in voluntourism should research and choose programs carefully, opting for organizations that prioritize ethical practices and community-driven initiatives.

SOURCE: TAL Aviation Sends Team Pomegranate to Help with War Consequences