Tallinn Airport to Receive €14.5 million: Boosting Energy Efficiency & Competitiveness

Tallinn Airport is getting a boost of €14.5 million funds from the government to enhance energy efficiency and maintain competitive edge by keeping airport fees at a minimum.

Minister Kristen Michal announced that Tallinn Airport will be allocated funds from CO2 funds during 2024-2027. The plan involves using the money to improve building insulation, heating systems, and electrical grids to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy. Specific initiatives include converting over 5,000 light fixtures to LED lamps for greater energy efficiency.

With the extra funding, the airport’s own investment expenditure will decrease, enabling them to maintain the current fees without any increase.

According to Michal, there’s an agreement to maintain the current airport fees for the next year. This decision enables them to receive more funds from the program, ensuring they can invest and compete effectively with other airports while keeping their charges reasonable.

In May, Tallinn Airport increased its fees from €3 to €10.50. RyanAir criticized the hike as excessive, while Estonia’s Competition Authority deemed it acceptable. Aviation expert Sven Kukemelk regarded the increase as an unavoidable decision.

“Tallinn Airport had not changed airport charges for over 10 years before this spring, in a situation where wages are rising, energy prices are rising, technology prices are going up, on top of inflation. It is not sustainable to continue to operate the airport at this level,” said Kukemelk.

Michal expressed the expectation that the fees could remain unchanged until 2027.

Tallinn Airport declined to comment as the definitive decision on funding had not been confirmed.

SOURCE: Tallinn Airport to Receive €14.5 million: Boosting Energy Efficiency & Competitiveness