Thailand on” The Light Lotus” is The Ultimate Product Placement.

The successful HBO series ‘ third time is being filmed in the beautiful Southeast Asian nation, which is betting that financial incentives given to the output will pay off in higher hospitality numbers. An Instagram post from February 13 that has received more than 80, 000 likes is teased with the phrase” Amazing experiences are in the making.” Aquamarine waters, an empty white sand beach, and the scarcely perceptible roofs of buildings submerged in a lush forest can all be seen in the picture. A picture slate with a coral-colored plant logo and the words” White Lotus Resort &amp, Spa” obscured the view of the resort, saying,” We are excited to welcome new visitors to our resort in Thailand.” Of course, light Lotus accommodations only exist in the imaginary world of HBO’s popular hospitality-and-bad-behavior series” The White Lotus.” HBO used the article to inform viewers that filming for the second season of the series had started. It has long been obvious that pleasure productions can generate significant revenue for areas, but” The Light Lotus” has taken the pattern to a new level by formally partnering with hospitality to promote tourism ( at least on its surface ). The cutting and delicious social satire has an impact after two seasons that far outweighs its numerous bright statuettes and never-ending provide of memes. A month’s area can become an “it” place for the travel industry by luring foreign tourists to the White Lotus stand-ins ( the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea in Season 1 ), the San Domenico Palace, Taormina, a Season 2 ), not to mention the nearby attractions. Mike White immediately produced the first time of” The White Lotus” for HBO, which was filmed at Wailea’s Four Seasons Resort Maui. While the show’s creator, Mike White, was truly drawn to Thailand by its natural beauty and inviting people, the Thai government also substantially sweetened the pot when it came to Credit… Fours Seasons Resort. The financial information has not been made public ( HBO did not comment ), but the Thai government approved a plan last year that increased the rebate for international productions to 150 million Thai baht ( roughly$ 4.5 million ). The government had previously announced that it would cancel the personal income tax it had been collecting from international ability for a period of five years. In other words, the cast of Season 3—Leslie Bibb, Jason Isaacs, Michelle Monaghan, Parker Posey, and returning Season 1 favorite Natasha Rothwell—wo n’t have to pay Thailand to work there. The article’s information is difficult for us to retrieve. Kindly make your browser’s options JavaScript enabled. We appreciate your patience as we check entry. Choose log out of Reader method, log into your Times accounts, or listen to The Times as a whole. We appreciate your patience as we check exposure. presently a member? Register. Like every issue of The Times? Subscribe.