The 18 Best Activities in Hawaii’s Kauai

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Hawaii’s Kauai is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The island is never short of physical feasts that appeal to the eye due to its breathtaking landscapes, which range from majestic mountains to fierce volcanoes to spectacular waterfalls and immaculate beaches.
The oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is renowned for its natural charm and is also referred to as the “garden island.” Compared to Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island, it is very unique.
However, there are more activities in Kauai than simply playing in the beautiful outdoors. The island is full of Polynesian culture, has a delectable food scene, and offers many opportunities for unwinding.
In this manual, we’ve listed some of the most unforgettable activities on the island, whether you’re into hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling or you just want to reflect the true spirit of namaste.
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Activities in Kauai 1. Take a boat tour of the Napali Coast. linger in Kapa ‘a3. Get Riding Roughshod 4. Visit Hanalei Bay’s 1 Hotel for Happy Hour and See the Sunset5. The Sleeping Giant Trail6 is a climb. Visit and climb to the position park at Waimea Canyon7. Uluwehi Waterfalls, also known as Key Falls, is visited by Kayak and Hike8. Walk In A Helicopter With An Open Door9. Taking the 10-day tour of A Steel Grass Chocolate Farm. Take a meal tour of Kauai11. Backcountry Mountain Tube 12. Na ‘ Aina Kai Botanical Gardens13 is a place to visit. a trip to Queen’s Bath14. Motorcycles to walk on Kauai15. Explore the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge16 and the Kalaua Lighthouse. Go to The Beaches17. Waikomo Shave Ice18 is a possibility. Visit The Kalalau TrailFinal ThoughtsRecommendations for KauaiMore Hawaii Travel TipsPin to Save on Pinterest
Activities in Kauai
Do n’t miss out on these top activities on the island of Kauai, whether you’re an adventurer or just looking to unwind.
1. Take a boat excursion of the Napali Coast.
A boat excursion of the Na Pali Coast is a must-do while in Kauai. It’s the most effective way to view the stunning Na Pali peninsula.
There are many different kinds of boat tours available, including boat cruises that can accommodate a smaller team or relaxed dinner and/or dusk cruise. Perhaps a boat is available for an experience.
On the boat, in addition to seeing the Napali Coast, you can typically see spinner dolphin and sea crocodiles!
I took a boat at dusk, which was enjoyable with cocktails, beverage, or wine. For those who just want to unwind, it’s a great visit. Because it allowed us to pass through the smaller sea tunnels, the boat tour is the best for intrepid travelers.
Since I did n’t want to run the risk of getting seasick, I chose not to use the raft option, but the more daring family might find it exciting!
2. linger in Kapa’a
If you’re not staying in the area, go to Kapa’a. It’s a cute little bohemian community with interesting much eateries and shops.
Do n’t forget to stop by Lava Lake Beach Club, a beachfront eatery that serves delectable food while surrounded by breathtaking views and frequently features live music in the evenings.
Tables, couches, and fire pits that extend out onto the shore line the table and inside of the cafe.
3. 3. Ride a Horseback Riding
Visit Silver Falls Ranch on Kauai’s North Shore for a horse riding journey.
We had two horse-guide tour, which kept the team together and were both entertaining and educational.
Breakfast is included, and there are stops at tiny child rivers. The grilled chicken and rice were excellent, and the cassava burger is also a hit if you’re vegetarian.
The animals appear to be in excellent condition and are nice and well-trained.
The team will have to begin riding without you, so make sure to arrive on time.
Due to its proximity to Princeville, it frequently rains, but be ready for muddy trails and, if it does appear to be raining, wear a scarf or mild raincoat.
4. Visit Hanalei Bay’s 1 Hotel for Happy Hour and Sunset Watching.
One of Kauai’s top resorts for happy hour is the opulent 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay, formerly known as St. Regis Hotel, in Princeville. There, you can enjoy a drink ( or mocktail ) outside on your lankai while watching the beautiful sunset over the ocean.
To get the best seats, leave between 30 and 45 days in advance.
Every day they hold a small festival, pop booze, and hand out glasses to everyone.
Although the servant is pleasant, make sure to point them! It’s an enjoyable and affordable way to visit a posh resort.
5. 5. Take the Sleeping Giant Trail.
Do n’t pass up the opportunity to hike the entirety of Sleeping Giant for expansive views.
It’s a short, easy-moderate hiking trail that takes climbers less than 2.5 hours to complete ( with time to pause and take pictures ).
Since it’s an uncovered climb and it will find hotter throughout the day, I advise going hiking in the morning.
You must move around and return the way you came because the trek is 3.2 miles long and an out-and-back path. Bring plenty of fluids, sunscreen, and a helmet.
6. 6. Waimea Canyon State Park explore and climb
One of the best things to do in Kauai is Waimea Canyon, which is also known as the” Mini”” Grand Canyon in the Pacific.
Even if you only go to the alert stage, it is enormous and a must-see.
If you feel like it, there are numerous roads available for hiking at all levels. Bring a scarf, sunscreen, lots of water, and treats, as you would with any hike.
Here, you can go on a whole day tour of the valley.
7. Key Falls, also known as Uluwehi Waterfalls, by Kayak and Hike
On the Wailua River inland, Kayak can be seen in a single, double, or triple.
After traveling about two yards, port and ascend to Wailua Falls or Uluwehi Waterfalls.
Put your suits underneath your tank top, clothes, or t-shirt. I advise wearing appropriate water shoes or old sneakers that you do n’t mind getting wet.
Put on a helmet, some sunscreen, and some shades. Bring water, a little handkerchief, and insect apply for the hike.
Since you’ll be carrying everything with you on the trek, pack light.
8. Walk In A Helicopter With An Open Door
One of the best things to do in Kauai if you’re looking for something really special is to go on a beautiful open-door helicopter trip around the area.
You can see all the waterfalls that are off-limits to hiking and kayaking on this spectacular flight, and you can also view marine life that is hidden from view from the shore.
If you’re fortunate, you might be able to see humpback whales in migration ( from December to May ). This is unquestionably one of the best ways to watch whales in Kauai.
It is a bucket list exercise to have in Hawaii that is extremely safe. If you bring your camera, I advise making sure it has a chest strap.
They have forearm belts to attach to your smartphone case for cell phones.
Here you can find Kauai aircraft tour costs and availability.
9. Visit a land with steel grass and chocolate.
Visitors can enjoy their “branch to club” education guided tour of everything there is to know about dessert, including growing cocoa trees, harvesting, and post-harvest handling of cocoa beans, during this fantastic family-friendly exercise.
and conclude with a mouthwatering cup of chocolate, chocolates tea, and Miel de Cacao custard.
Children will adore it, not only because they get to sample a lot of dessert, but also because it’s an extremely educational activity.
10. Take a meal tour of Kauai.
A Kauai Food Tour is a fantastic method for foodies to feel and test all the best food Kaui has to offer.
There are tour that concentrate on Kauai’s north, west, and south shores.
Local dishes, fine dining, and niche shops will all be on the menu.
11. Backcountry Mountain Tube
Tubing is another family-friendly activity to do in Kauai. A great way to view the spectacular scenery from a different angle is through wire adventures, which offer breathtaking views of the mountains and Waiale Crater.
We participated in the three-hour liquid practice known as the” Tubing Adventures” with Kauai Backcountry Activities. The unique access to the ancient irrigation system of the previous Lihue Plantation makes Kauai Backcountry Adventures special.
Since sugar was stopped being produced in 2000, this trench and pipe system—which when irrigated sizable sugar crops—has been abandoned.
May become taller than 43 feet and advised for children aged 5 and older.
12. Visit the Botanical Gardens at Na ‘ Aina Kai.
Visit the Na ‘ Aina Kai Botanical Gardens for a more tranquil and cool activity.
The gardens, which started out as a backyard landscaping job, later developed into an impressive 240-acre living mosaic of plantations, canyons, and gardens.
Joyce and Ed Doty founded it as a result of their intense passion for the property and dedication to protecting its natural charm.
The Dotys generously donated the entire garden to a non-profit organization in 1999, making Na ‘ Aina Kai available to the general public.
You may reserve a guided tour, which is available from Tuesday through Friday, in order to view the flowers. There are no self-tours available in the yard. Additionally, there is a kids ‘ backyard!
13. a trip to Queen’s Shower
A tide lake called Queen’s Bath is situated in a Princeville area.
It has breathtaking ocean views and is actually a crater. I advise leaving first thing in the morning or late afternoon because there is n’t much parking available.
If you’re parking somewhere that is not permitted, the neighborhood may concern parking tickets. Take note of the cautions.
At Queen’s Bath, a large number of people have passed away or suffered serious injuries. Use appropriate footwear, or remove your slippers and go outdoors because the ground is slick.
14. 14. On Kauai, drive Motorcycles
Riding an ATV is a thrilling experience that you wo n’t soon forget if you’re looking for more adventurous things to do in Kauai.
ATV tours are unquestionably the best way to see Kauai’s natural beauty at its best because they not only provide an adrenaline-filled experience but also allow you to get a close-up view of the steep environment, from beautiful forests to sweeping sea views to cascading waterfalls.
Additionally, you can travel to farther-flung places, giving you more flexibility to stray from the beaten path.
I advise taking the family on a long atmosphere visit. You travel through estates, the Waita Reservoir, and past a raging volcano on this traditional quest.
You must get older than 18 to take an ATV tour, and you must also have a driver’s license. However, children can ride on the rear of your ATV.
Visit Viator to view this ATV journey!
15.. 15. Explore the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and the KlauEa Lighthouse.
On the island of Kauai, Hawaii, in the Klauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, is where you’ll find the Kalaua Lighthouse.
Some Hawaiian seabirds have safe breeding grounds in the sea cliffs and high grassy slopes of a latent volcano.
It is a simple stroll and pit stop for breathtaking pictures. Another enjoyable household activity is this, especially if you have young kids or infants.
It’s available from 10:00 am to 4:00 am on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and it closes on Sunday and Mondays as well as all national holidays.
Children 15 and under are free, and admission is$ 10.00 per person. To ensure the security of your passport, it is advised to make a booking in advance.
The Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge is arguably the best place on the island to discover habitat for wildlife lovers.
The red-footed tit, the great fleet bird, and the Laysan Albatross are just a few of the seabird species found in Hawaii that can be seen here.
Not to mention the Polynesian Goose, the state bird of Hawaii.
You might see some spinner dolphin and Pacific priest dolphins playing in the water if you look down into the ocean.
Green turtle and humpback whales may occasionally be seen in the water.
16. Visit The Beaches
Kauai is known for its breathtaking beaches as well. Poipu Beach is probably the most picturesque and is well-known for its crystal-clear waters and sporadic appearances of Hawaiian monk dolphins.
Hanalei Bay is a favourite for liquid sports like surfing and paddling because of its picturesque setting and breathtaking mountain scenery. Another excellent location for cruising is Shipwreck Beach.
Due to its vivid coral reefs and variety of marine life, Tunnels Beach on the island’s north shore offers excellent diving opportunities.
Anini Beach, on the other hand, is a serene heaven, surrounded by lush vegetation and shielded by an encroaching coral, producing quiet waters that are perfect for swimming.
Polihale State Park is a must-see for those seeking solitude and expansive reaches of golden gravel. Due to its remote area, you can enjoy a quiet beach experience and see amazing sunrise.
The Hanakapi’ai Beach is a remote, undiscovered gem that is frequently silent, so it’s good to venture off the beaten way. Although the beach is stunning and has amazing rock formations, the water is very choppy, making it unsuitable for swimming.
Visit Hanakapi’ai Falls and the local Ke’e Beach along with a hike.
17.. 17. Consider the Shaikomo Shave Ice.
If you did n’t already know, Hawaii’s cuisine has a Japanese influence that has permeated everything.
Fresh poke bowls are a common favorite, but do n’t pass up the opportunity to try some shaved ice if you prefer desserts and sweet treats.
In Hawaii, this Chinese dessert is quite well-known. Waikomo Shave Ice uses only natural materials, which is why we suggest it.
18. 18. the Kalalau Trail by horseback
The Kalalau Trail is among the best on the island if you prefer a longer, more difficult climb.
On the northern shores of the area, there is an 11-mile trail that connects Kee Beach with the Kalalau Valley.
It’s one of the most breathtaking and perilous excursions in the United States, and doing it requires a force.
Do n’t undervalue this hike; only the most daring and physically fit hikers should attempt it.
Explore the Kalalau Alert for breathtaking views if you believe this trek will be too difficult for you.
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These are the 19 suggestions for things to do in Kauai, and as you can see, there are many different destinations to choose from.
We hope this guide gave you some ideas for your vacation to Kauai and assisted you in choosing a few actions to include on your itinerary.
Tours in Kauai that are recommended
We advise taking the tour listed below from our companion, Get Your Guide.
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