The area of Hawaii’s Kona Airport is closed.

According to a message sent out at 4.35 am, the Hawaii Department of Transportation will provide updates.
The aircraft was shut down until further notice, according to an airport director.
KOA ceased operations at 16.20 ( 4 :20 p.m. )HST.
The main airports on the Island of Hawaii is Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport in Keahole. It provides intercontinental and transatlantic airlines. Keahole, in West Hawaii, is where KOA is situated. Effective volcanoes, orchid gardens, golf courses, and a beautiful beach are all features of the Big Island. We are eager to have you visit Kona!
In order to join Hawaii’s Kona side of the island with the US island, worldwide locations, and interisland to Honolulu and other places, the state of Hawaii also has a global aircraft called Konga.
At the eastern border of the airport, KOA has an 11, 000-foot tarmac and a challenging of facilities for public aviation operations, airport support, and passengers arriving and departing.
Hilo, on the other side of the beach, is the closest airport to Kona. It typically only takes a couple of hours to travel from Hilo to Kona, which is about 78 yards away.
Accommodations in the Kona region are where the majority of visitors stay. Kona is served by the majority of US airlines that fly to the State of Hawaii.
To determine whether a section of the airport could be used, the aircraft is consulting with companies and the FAA.
Although there are no updates on the aircraft website, the standard information page appears to be the main current warning regarding a 2022 mask mandate during COVID. Additionally, the website shows a message stating that it could n’t connect to the database on the weather page.
A moment framework for reopening is presently unknown.
Numerous airlines have already been rerouted and are still being held up. SOURCE: Hawaii’s Kona Airport has been shut down.