The Best Activities Near Ullswater | Where to Stay & Consume

Ullswater, which is located in the Lake District’s center, beckons with its amazing scenery and variety of activities. Ullswater provides a variety of activities for nature lovers, from peaceful ship cruises across the shimmering lake to energizing hikes along picturesque paths.
Ullswater promises a wonderful blend of experience and tranquility. Visit ancient sites like Lowther Castle, partake in watersports, go on panoramic walks along the Way, and sample local cuisine.
This find the top activities in the Ullswater area!
Along Ullswater Way,” Aira Force Walk”
Ullswater details
Ullswater is a “ribbon lakes” of glaciers.
After Windermere, it is England’s second-largest lakes.
The lake’s length and width are approximately 7 miles ( 11 km ).
Best activities in the Ullswater area
Taking a kayak on Ullswater
Ullswater provides a fascinating park for those who enjoy water sports. With its crystal-clear waters and spectacular mountainous landscape, this beautiful lake beckons adventurers. Popular options for navigating Ullswater’s hidden coves and tranquil lagoons include kayaking and stand-up paddling.
Sailing fans use the calm breezes of the lake to their advantage, gliding through the water on svelte boats and sailboats.
Water riding and wakeboarding are out of the question at Ullswater because the speed limit for any power-driven vehicle is 10 miles, but you can try your hand at wakesurfing and kneeboarding to get your adrenaline rush.
The ideal location to use Ullswater liquid sports
Around the river, there are a few locations where Ullswater yacht rentals are available. This may therefore have an impact on which action to choose, depending on your itinerary, where you’re staying, or the kind of exercise.
Alfresco Adventures is situated by Park Foot Holiday Park not far from Pooley Bridge.
Near Pooley Bridge, by the Waterside House Campsite, are Ullswater Wake and Surf.
Watermillock-based UllswaterPaddleboarding
Glenridding is the location of Patrick’s Boat Landing.
Glenridding is home to Tall Bloke Adventures.
Relax at Glencoyne Bay while kayaking on Ullswater
Glencoyne Bay, which is situated on the western coasts of Ullswater, is a peaceful haven for people looking to unwind. With its quiet waterways reflecting the lush vegetation and views of Place Fell, this lovely location exudes beautiful elegance. A leisurely picnic and a drop in the ocean can be enjoyed in peace at the bay.
After visiting her father William on April 15, 1802, Dorothy Wordsworth wrote about Glencoyne Bay in The Grasmere Journal. In Glencoyne Park and by the lake, she wrote about the lovely flowers. Wordsworth is believed to have been inspired by the attend to pen his most well-known song,” Daffodils.”
For National Trust people, parking at Glencoyne Bay is complimentary.
Take the Ullswater Steamer.
For more than 160 years, Ullswater” Steamers” have adorned the pristine area with picturesque cruises on one of the largest identity boat fleets in the world. It serves four piers: Pooley Bridge, Howtown, Aira Force Waterfall, and Glenridding and operates 363 times a month. Nothing beats sensing the sharp wind in your scalp on Ullswater!
The Ullswater Way, a 20-mile circular path that easily connects all piers, is one of the iconic walking routes that the steamers enable access to in addition to leisurely lake tours. This makes exploring the Lake District’s beauty simple and memorable.
Opinions from the Ullswater Steamer Walking Means
Although Ullswater Way has a charming 32-kilometer circuits, it is possible to take individualized excursions from any starting point and in either direction. The varied landscape includes fields with possible animal encounters, woodland areas, and fell paths. For an interactive Lake District encounter, areas range from verdant paths to sand tracks with additional steeper detours to fells like Gowbarrow and Hallin.
Ullswater Approach running ranges
You can transfer to your starting point by using a combination of boats and cars after breaking up the Ullswater Approach into smaller walks. Click HERE FOR THE ULLSWATER WAY MAP to plan your route.
10.7 km ( 6. 6 miles ) from Aira Force to Pooley Bridge
8 kilometers ( 5 miles ) separate Pooley Bridge from Howtown.
10.5 kilometers ( 6.5 miles ) separate Howtown and Glenridding.
4.6 km ( 3 miles ) from Glenridding to Aira Force
My route from Glenridding via Howtown
I boarded the Ullswater Steamer from Glenridding headed for Howtown, which marked the start of my investigation of the area along howland. I climbed Hallin Fell, choosing a difficult ascent while taking in the amazing views. As I made my way down to Ullswater’s shores, I followed a scenic route back to Glenridding, passing by the Artists ‘ Seat, one of the many heritage-themed buildings that line the route.
The four-hour hike from Howtown to Glenridding is straightforward but rewarding ( with photo stops ) and optional detours like the alluring Hallin Fell. If you choose to continue traveling the Ullswater Way, it will take less time.
View of Ullswater from Gobarrow Park’s Hallin FellExplore Aira Force &amp
An 18th-century joy ground honored in Wordsworth’s” Somnambulist,” Aira Force and Gowbarrow Park is a National Trust jewel. The loud 65-foot waterfall of Aira Beck is found in peaceful glades amidst contrasting woodlands.
My way with the Air Force
I stepped off the Aira Force Walk at The Quiet Site, where I had camped out in the Lake District, and strolled along the Ullswater Approach to Watermillock, taking in Gowbarrow’s beauty and watching the aira power river. After completing a loop, I treated myself to an energizing beverage at The Royal Hotel while taking in Ullswater’s natural wonders and friendly atmosphere.
Parking for the Air Force
The closest parking lot to the Aira Force fountain is the High Force Car Park. GO TO LOCATION BY CLICKING
In order to have easy access to the Ullswater Steamer, Aira Force Car Park is situated close to that city. Good starting point for a 6.5-kilometer loop hike up Gobarrow Fell. GO TO LOCATION BY CLICKING
Consider the Ullswater Steamer to Aira Force and garden in one of the city’s another parking lots.
Visit St. Martin of Tours Church with Aira Force Waterfall
St. Martin of Tours Church in Martindale, which dates back to the 1660s, is located on an old site that may have once been a pagan page. A 1300-year-old juniper trees, a 1634 reading desk, what appears to be Roman font, and an intriguing bell with Lombardic characters are among the prominent features. It was the center of a vibrant neighborhood that was dedicated to St. Martin. Despite its distant place, the church is a beloved landmark because of its simplicity and distinctive history. It was restored in 1882 after sustaining turbulence during the storm.
St. Martin of Tours Church is where? CHECK GOOGLE MAPS is located 8 miles south of Pooley Bridge.
Cockpit Stone Circle is a place to visit.
Moor Divock, which is 300 meters above sea level on Askham Fell, is home to a historic setting with cairn and burial hills. One kilometer north of the other two smaller circles is the Cockpit Stone Circle, which stands out as the biggest and most impressive. The Cockpit, which is thought to be from the Bronze Age, has a penannular bank that is 3 meters wide and is home to big stones, some of which can reach heights of 1 meter, making it an intriguing archaeological site on the East of Ullswater.
Facts of Cockpit Stone Circle
6 km of walking from Askam takes 1 to 2 days.
8 km can be covered in 2 to 3 days on foot from Pooley Bridge.
Google Maps ‘ Cockpit Stone Circle
stroll through Brothers Water
Climbers are enthralled by the beauty of Hartsop Valley in Upper Patterdale, just north of Ullswater, as they walk around Brothers Water. This lovely journey, formerly known as Broad Water, explores the serene shores and reveals the alluring landscapes that distinguish this lesser-known Lake District jewel.
Details of Brothers Water move
Brothers Water Walk takes between one and two days.
The length is approximate. 3 km.
Begin your stroll from Cow Bridge Car Park.
ascend Helvellyn
With its memorable standing in Alfred Wainwright’s Eastern Fells of the Lake District, Helvellyn, the third-highest peak in England, attracts travelers. Helvellyn, which was crowned Britain’s most well-liked move in 2018, has five hills that offer a variety of ascents. On the northeast face, Swirral Edge and Striding Edge stand out as prominent and extraordinary roads.
The fastest rise from Thirlmere and the most picturesque, albeit longest, voyage from Glenridding via Striding Edge make the climb up Helvellyn take between 6 and 7.5 hours.
Striding EdgeSip on craft beverage while ascending Helvellyn
A craft beer shelter called Brack ‘n’ Brew in Ullswater invites drinkers to sample unique brews amidst breathtaking Lake District surroundings. This brewery produces a variety of beverages, each one showcasing regional flavors and originality. Brack ‘n’ Brew promises a wonderful tasting experience in the center of Ullswater, with everything from hoppy ales to abundant stouts.
Visit Lowther Castle with Brack N Brew Distillery’s Aira ForceIPA.
In 2012, Lowther Castle, a fascinating fusion of past and restoration, was made accessible to the general public. It was first constructed in the early 19th century and for more than a century represented beauty by showcasing art and beauty. But, degradation was brought on by the difficulties of war and neglect.
Now, careful work and expense have restored the flowers and stabilized the ruins. The wonderful lost tower experience park is added to the Garden- in the Ruins, Parterre, Yew Avenue, Western Terrace, and Rose Garden, which offer beautiful experience.
Lowther Castle offers a beautiful backdrop for pictures of character and architecture. The large flowers provide serene areas that are perfect for unwinding. Lowther Castle offers a variety of riding and hiking pathways that meander through the house, leading to picturesque locations like Askham Fell, Pooley Bridge, and Ullswater, for those looking for an experience that is more effective.
Tickets to the flowers and farm at Lowther Castle can be purchased online or you can pick them up when you get there.
Visiting Lowther Castle Getting to Ullswater
How to Drive to Ullswater
Driving on either the A592 or B5320 takes 15 minutes from Penrith ( off M6) to Pooley Bridge, which is located on Ullswater’s north edge.
Driving on the A592 takes 30 days from Windermere to Patterdale, which is located at the southernmost point of Ullswater.
The A66 travels 40 minutes from Cockermouth to Aira Force, which is located on Ullswater’s northern edge.
You might want to think about renting a vehicle if you plan to visit the Lake District’s more outlying areas or have plenty of equipment. With Discover Cars, you can find the best deals.
Examine the Lake District NP site for information on how to find the closest charging points, use an electric car at railroad stations, nearby villages, and different locations across South and Central Lakes.
Three pay-and-display parking lots are located at Pooley Bridge, one of which is next to the wharf property.
In the middle of Glenridding settlement is a sizable parking lot.
For NT people, Glencoyne and Aira Force are completely National Trust parking lots.
In Ullswater, where to stay
THE QUIET SITE ( £- ££ )
Award-winning eco-camping and glamping establishment The Quiet Site is located in Watermillock, near to Ullswater. With a reusable store, an energetic club, and The Quiet Bite for breakfast and dinner, it is well known for its conservation qualifications. Learn BOOK DIRECT AND REVIEWS OF THE Silent SITE
The Royal Hotel is situated close to Aira Force Waterfall in the town of Dockray. It has a sizable restaurant, 10 en hotel rooms, and an in-house bar that serves regional create beer. Excellent walking accommodations. Learn REVIEWS OF THE ROYAL HOTEL, AS WELL AS CHECK PRICES AND AVAILABILITY
A four-star resort called The Inn On The Lake is situated on 15 acres of land with lawns that extend all the way to Lake Ullswater. This appears to be the ideal place to unwind with its 9-hole golf lessons, 2 AA Rosettes Lake View Restaurant, The Ramblers Bar and Candleroom, and a distinct green strategy. Learn REVIEWS OF THE Pool INN, AS WELL AS CHECK PRICES AND AVAILABILITY
Where to Have at the Royal Hotel in Dockray Near Ullswater
The Boot and Shoe in Greystoke Village is a loving family-run establishment that serves hearty baked foods, barrel beer, and fine beverages. Expect a warm environment and cozy burns. CHECK REVIEWS FOR THE SHOE, BOOT, ANDamp
Helvellyn Country Kitchen is a charming cafe in Glenridding that serves bread cakes and delectable bites during the day and transforms into an elegant dining establishment at night. CHECK REVIEWS OF THE Land KITCHEN IN HELVELLYN
Rampsbeck Restaurant ( £ £- ££ ) provides a gourmet dining experience with breathtaking lake views, showcasing locally sourced ingredients and culinary expertise. They also have The Life Space and The Glasshouse and are situated at Another Place in Watermillock. RAMPSBECK RESTAURANT CHECK REVIEWS
Links You Can Use on Your Ullswater Vacation
Are you prepared to begin organizing your journey to Ullswater in the Lake District? To get you started with wonderful things to do in the Ullswater area, follow these helpful links.
Travel + Transportation + Tourist Information
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Visitor FAQs for Ullswater
Is it worthwhile to visit Ullswater?
Yes! Ullswater is a must-see destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers everywhere due to its breathtaking beauty, pristine lakes, and variety of outdoor activities. There are so many things to do around Ullswater that I’ll definitely be coming back.
Which is superior, Windermere or Ullswater?
Despite being the largest river in England, Windermere is more well-known and does draw more visitors. Ullswater is more tranquil, and some areas are off-road. I did pick Ullswater over Windermere for this reason.
What major city is closest to Ullswater?
The Lake District’s Penrith, which serves as a gateway to the lovely lake and its surrounding attractions, is the largest city closest to Ullswater.