The Best Free Activities For People In Ottawa

Ottawa, the nation’s birthplace, is a wonderful destination for families to travel to. In reality, it was recently named the second-most family-friendly area in Canada.
Why are people given such a high position? Tourists can find a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere in Ottawa, which is surrounded by some of the best views of Canada’s natural landscapes and has historical structures to investigate. Since it was established as a town in 1855 before Canada was perhaps given its own name, it serves as the epicenter of American history, culture, and politics.
Now, Ottawa is well-known for a variety of things, including its parks, democratic institutions, government buildings, arts district, and Victorian-style architecture. One of the main draws for community travelers is Ottawa, which provides access to more than 1,300 well-kept parks dispersed throughout the city. This is the area for you if you’re looking for a place that’s great for record buffs, nature loves, and kids alike.
As you are aware, family vacations can be very costly. Fortunately, this is n’t always the case in Canada’s capital. A huge advantage for families visiting Ottawa is that there are many free events and activities to take part in, regardless of the time of year you visit the city. Finding the time to do everything and choosing a time of year to visit are the only challenges.
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The Canal Rideau
a winterlude
Flowing Waterfalls
Sparks Avenue
Festival of Tulip
the summers
the Canal Rideau
the Beaches
Light Fireworks Show Sound
Farmer’s Market in the Area
Park Gatineau
The Museums in Ottawa
backpacking trails

You might want to be indoors despite the snow on the ground and chilly winds biting the weather, but doing so will prevent you from taking advantage of all that Ottawa has to offer during the winter, including sports, sights, and of course, trying the renowned Beavertails treat. How do you even choose which household activities to participate in? Here are some pointers for beginning your Ottawa spring adventure.
The Canal Rideau
For good reason, Ottawa’s Rideau Canal is its most well-known holiday destination. The river that runs through the city’s center is transformed into the largest skating club in the world every year by Ottawa. When it is finished, the 7.8 kilometers ( 4.8 miles ) of open skating through Ottawa’s downtown area will be incredible to witness. This location, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is approaching its 53rd year of open access.
While you’re on the snow, you can book skis or buy beavertails, but it’s free for travelers. This soft cake is a great motivation for your kids who might be getting tired on the ice and goes well with any outdoor activity in Canada.
Another one of those activities that you must witness in order to feel is Winterlude. Winterlude is a celebration that takes place over the first few weekends in February of each year and transforms Ottawa’s uptown area into an authentic winter wonderland. Winterlude, which receives an average of 600,000 visitors annually, is a fantastic location to take in the wonders of the American spring.
The yearly ice sculpture opposition, live music, and cultural performances that take place in the confederation area and along the canal are all must-see events. Additionally, there are kid-friendly activities with a winter theme. The best part is that Winterlude is a free event that your entire home you attend and take advantage of.
Now, you know your kids wo n’t want to miss an opportunity to try out a snow sport, especially if you’re traveling to Ottawa from somewhere with little snow in the winter. Snowboarding can be expensive, though, especially if you have to rent equipment for the entire home. Luckily, Canada’s capital has some of the best sledding in the area, giving you access to delights on the hills that are comparable to skiing but much less expensive.
There are some fantastic rocks nearby that you can consider if you’re looking to get skiing, such as the one in Carlington Park or Grasshopper Hill. If you have n’t brought a sled on the trip, you can buy one there for relatively little money at the local Walmart or sporting goods store. Access to these well-liked snowing areas is free.
In Ottawa, springtime means that the snow is melting, the branches are starting to bloom, and the pets that spend the winter in hibernation are emerging from their dens. The best time to visit Ottawa is in the spring because there are so many lovely sights to see and activities to consider. In addition, spring is maple syrup season in Eastern Ontario, which is the best time to beat a sugar tree and sample some of Canada’s best. There are plenty of things to see and try for free, so spring travel does n’t have to break the bank for your family either. Above is a list of some of the best choices.
Flowing Waterfalls
The best time to visit one of Ottawa’s some stunning waterfalls is in the spring when the water levels are at their highest and the flow rate is at its highest. In particular, Hog’s Back Falls has some of the best river views in the area, as well as a large number of picnic tables that can be set up outside for an enjoyable spring afternoon. Another river that is a symbol of Ottawa is Rideau Falls. It is situated in the lovely neighborhood of New Edinburgh in Ottawa and empties into the Ottawa River, providing stunning views of downtown Ottawa. An undervalued and completely Ottawa spring activity is going torrent chasing with the family.
The Sparks Street
Only one block from Parliament, Sparks Street, which was once the main thoroughfare in downtown Ottawa, was transformed into a pedestrian mall in 1967. It is the hub of both pedestrian and heritage tourism in Ottawa, and summer is one of the best times to travel here because patios are opening up and street performers are starting to perform. Some festivals visit Sparks throughout the year, such as the picture above from Ribfest 2023. Therefore, Sparks is a key street to check out on your next trip to Ottawa if you’re looking for Ottawa’s history beauty, shopping, travels, and dining.
Festival of Tulip
Tulip Fest is the longest-running and most popular occurrence in Ottawa, so it is naturally the most well-known of the state’s springtime destinations. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s an 11-day event that takes place in Commissioners Park in the heart of Ottawa in May. Over 300,000 tulips rose in the downtown core each year, and the festival is devoted to French culture and its beauty. Walking trips, outside videos, and the grand finale fireworks show are just a few of the events and activities available.
The most enjoyable part of the festival, however, is simply taking a stroll through the city areas and admiring the stunning flowers, particularly in the Dow’s Lake and Rideau Canal places. One of the few completely, well-known activities on a global scale, Tulip Festival is well worth visiting Ottawa for. Simply choose to take pictures rather than pick flowers so that everyone can take in the lovely normal event.
the summertime
The summer is now the busiest time of year for tourists in Ottawa. The city comes to life during this time of year, and the excitement that the warm weather has subsided fills the air. People and people seeking out the sun are everywhere in public parks, beaches, and empty picnic areas. As one might expect, there are a lot of enjoyable and cost-free outdoors actions to take part in during this time of year.
The Canal Rideau
The Rideau Canal is half on this list, so you’re never seeing things. First of all, it’s gorgeous year-round. While skating on the river in the winter is enjoyable, those who enjoy the summertime find it most appealing during the warmer times. If your children are a little older, at least 16, you can walk, bike, or even hire electric scooter to explore the length of the river. To see the ships coming in and out of this famous river, I advise starting at the doors across from the Chateau Laurier.
To learn more about the waterway’s background and interesting information, you can also explore the ancient Bytown Museum, which is right next to the hair. For instance, did you know that the Rideau Canal is the oldest still-operating river system in North America? Check out the Bytown Museum’s website to be informed about the free registration days they also offer during the season.
the Beaches
Is there anything more enjoyable than relaxing on gravel beaches in the sweltering sunlight? There are many fantastic shore choices in Ottawa that are dispersed throughout the valley. Mooney’s Bay Park, which is situated on the Rideau River, another canal that runs through Ottawa, is the first shore that comes to mind that is worth visiting. The largest beach in Ottawa, it has a lot of sandy areas, some tennis and volleyball courts, as well as an enormous park for the kids. Keep in mind that this park can get quite crowded in the summer, but if you want a good parking spot, I advise arriving early the next morning. I even advise looking into some significant beaches in local Gatineau Park, such as the main shore at La Pêche, the biggest lakes in the sizable national park.
Noise of the Fireworks Show
Do I need to say anything else about the free summertime lights show? The Sound of Light Fireworks opposition, which takes place throughout August, is held annually at the Casino du Lac Leamy. For the event, some nations gather to display their fireworks displays; this year, anticipate custom displays from Italy, South Africa, and other nations. Remember that the actual fireworks show is a paid event ( children’s tickets cost$ 6.50 and general admission costs$ 14 ). However, there are numerous locations in downtown Ottawa where you can watch the fireworks for completely, including Major’s Hill Park and the plain in front of the Parliament properties. The fireworks show is a fantastic way for tourists to wrap up their time in Ottawa during the summertime.
Farmer’s Market in the Area
You might not initially believe that there are any farms in the area, but Ottawa’s Farmers ‘ Markets may pleasantly surprise you with the abundance of fresh produce and regional products available. It will be difficult to miss a business in the summer with five spots spread out throughout the city, including Lansdowne, Grande Allée Park, Westboro, Orleans, and Barrhaven. Be sure to strike up a conversation with the contractors who are always happy to share the account of their garden’s history or how they started their small business, whether you pick up some local friends, go to the breakfast shop, or just do some window shopping.
You might already be attempting to organize your mother’s eerie vacation for after this year. Ontario is one of the best places to experience the winter, so there is no need to look elsewhere. Ottawa has everything you need to fully experience the time, from the misty drop evenings to the vibrant leaves blowing about, as well as the enjoyable outdoor activities and forest experiences. Check out the fun sights and activities below if you’re looking for Ottawa drop feelings.
Park Gatineau
Gatineau Park is the ideal location to explore the shifting colors because there are n’t many sights more stunning in the fall than it. For a cause, it’s the biggest area in the area and the second-most popular in all of Canada. You can explore some aspects of American history, such as the expansive estate of the former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, while also taking in the many wonders of nature and expansive views created by the American Shield in Gatineau Park.
I suggest the Meech Creek Valley hiking trail or the Champlain alert, shown above, for the best drop views. Although some park spaces require repayment to enter, visiting Gatineau Park is free. A free week and vacation shuttle service is offered from downtown Ottawa if you want to take in the Champlain alert, one of the park’s most expansive views.
The Museums in Ottawa
Ottawa is the center of American history, as was already mentioned. As a result, it has worked very hard to build some incredible galleries that visitors and locals alike can enjoy. Seven of Canada’s nine regional museums are located in Ottawa. Therefore, Ottawa has a gallery for you if you’re interested in arts, history ( like the American Museum of History, shown above ), science and technology, character, the history of war, agriculture and food, or even aircraft and space.
It is a great chance for tourists to experience the museums as the temperature starts to cool in the fall and the masses at these exhibitions start to thin. These museums then charge admission, but several give visitors a free hour at the end of some weekends. ( Hint: On Thursdays, between 5 and 7 PM, The Canadian Children’s Museum offers a free admission period with reservations. )
walking trails
In Canada, the slide is probably the best season to go hiking because of the pleasant weather and breathtaking sights. Fortunately, Ottawa offers a wide variety of hiking trails that visitors can use all season long. The Mer Bleue Conservation Area, a section of land in Ottawa East devoted to the animals that inhabits Canada’s pond vegetation regions, is unquestionably one of the best. With views of wildlife and natural scenery all around, it provides a great circle for sluggish boardwalking. Similarly, despite being surrounded by the town, the Jack Pine Trail offers a fantastic beachfront and secluded natural escape. Both of these trails are very simple for families to travel together ( the Mer Bleue Boardwalk is even stroller-friendly. )
As can be seen, Ottawa is a bustling city with many excellent free actions, experiences, and places to discover. These are some of my top picks for things you should n’t miss while here with the family, though this list is not exhaustive. Feel free to check out Accora Village’s short-term apartment leases, which are situated in the west end of Ottawa, if you’re looking for a great central location to be and explore the city from. Your home will undoubtedly be welcomed by amazing sights, experiences, and some of the friendliest people in Ottawa during any time you choose to travel there. I’ll see you rapidly, huh?
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