The debut of Notre Dame begins

The scaffold encasing the dome of Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral has started to be removed, marking a significant turning point in the restoration efforts of the cathedral, the authority in charge announced on Tuesday.
The crane, which stood at an imposing level of 100 feet, has started to be taken down, according to the restoration authority, Etablissement Public, and may take several more months.
By the start of the Olympic Summer Games in Paris on July 26, this creation represents a significant action toward the spire’s full opening.
The scaffold posed a formidable obstacle to the repair efforts after the devastating fire in 2019 due to its remarkable 600 tonnes and housing of about 70, 000 metallic components.
The lead-coated tower itself has sparked discussions about possible toxicity risks connected to the substance.
After five years of reconstruction, the scaffolding covering the top of# Paris ‘# NotreDame Cathedral was taken down on Monday.
# NotreDameCathedral, which was destroyed by fire in 2019, is getting closer to reviving.
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13 February 2024, FRANCE 24 English ( @ France24_en )
However, recent developments include the installation of a new beautiful chicken to replace the one that was destroyed by the fire on April 15, 2019, as well as the restoration of the museum’s large cross in December.
President Emmanuel Macron had immediately promised to fully restore the UNESCO-listed building in time for the Paris Olympics.
But, delays in the recovery process have forced a time improvement, with the new goal set for completion in December of this year.
Officials insist that the affair was sudden despite ongoing studies into the cause of the fire.
According to projections, Notre Dame’s monthly visitor count is expected to increase to 14 million post-reopening, up from the pre-disaster estimate of 12 million. SOURCE: The Unveiling of Notre Dame Begins BY: eTurboNews |tTN