The demand for hotel gift cards has been increasing significantly in the runup to Christmas.

Studies conducted by experts in the hotel industry show that the time closest to midnight on Christmas Eve is the most popular for purchasing hotel gift cards and experiences. The value of hotel gift cards is currently estimated to be $60 billion, and this figure is increasing each year at an average rate of 14%. Industry specialists have unveiled that the time of greatest shopping activity during the year occurs from 11pm to 12am on Christmas Eve, as those who procrastinated pick up experience-based gifts rather than tangible items for the people they care about. Additionally, businesses in the corporate sector tend to prefer hotel gift cards over the traditional Christmas hampers when gifting to their employees, partners, and cherished consumers. In the aftermath of the pandemic, customers have reevaluated what matters to them and now value experiences and the creation of memories more than physical gifts. The benefit of giving experiences as presents is that they can be delivered electronically, enabling the person offering the gift to provide a meaningful present even close to Christmas. Many hotels see the most interest in selling gift cards and vouchers for experiences during the last hour on Christmas Eve, and there are still notable amounts of purchases that occur on Christmas Day. Individuals may take advantage of discounted prices offered on Christmas Day due to forgetting to purchase a gift beforehand, or in order to give more presents than initially planned.