The Dubai Tourist Playbook: All you need to know before you visit

Your link to a stress-free Dubai vacation when you’re first there? This is your basic package to stock up on all tips, tricks, and information for the best holiday previously, so you’ve come to the right place on the Internet. Traveling to a new country may be difficult, even in a extremely stress-free area like this, but this guide will give you the tools you need. Habibi, delightful to Dubai. Quickfire information to get you startedThe UAE is made up of seven emiratesThere are seven emirate in the UAE – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah. Each province was an independent noble state prior to the integration of the seven. The unity took position in 1971, with the departure of the British, and the UAE ( United Arab Emirates ) was formed. Bonus: While Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah are the more happening places, the North emirate are more slower, beautiful vacations by the shore. Visit the country to experience the natural splendor of the state. The UAE’s local currency is United Arab Emirates Dirhams ( AED), while the UAE’s is American Dollars ( AED ). The Qatari and Dubai Riyal were in flow in all emirate prior to the introduction of the Dirham, with the exception of Abu Dhabi, where the Bahraini Dinar was used. Two years after the country’s development, on May 19, 1973, a unified frequent currency was introduced for the first time. Remember to keep cash on hand when you visit the Old Souk because it’s an open marketplace where you can contract for your purchases, even though cards machines are available in most areas, including cars. The UAE’s investment is located in Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the country’s founding father, was born into the emirate’s decision community. Al Ain is a part of the wider Abu Dhabi province. Abu Dhabi is an area and the whole area of the province includes a group of beautiful, smaller islands like Yas, Saadiyat, Al Maryah, Sir Baniyas and more. Bonus: By path, getting from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is a two hour trip. If you ca n’t drive here, there are other ways – taxis and the more economical bus service, which starts from Ibn Batuta Mall. Arabic is the speech of the UAE’s citizens. Moving around the country is simple even if you do n’t know Arabic because both native Americans and foreigners speak English fluently. Additionally, because the country’s society is quite multicultural, and there are speakers of many different languages in your area. Bonus: If you want to communicate with the older people of the nation, the Bedouins and the nomads, it will be helpful to learn some rookie phrases. Islam is the country’s formal religion, as is the faith of the local populace. All residents and visitors are welcome to practice any religion of their choice as long as it does n’t conflict with public policy or morals, despite the fact that the pillars of the faith play a significant role in how the country operates. Places of worship from all the main faiths are existing here, including temples, churches and temples. Bonus: Keep in mind that it is against the law to perform devotion in public or in a hostile environment. You may attend any of the devotion locations for this. PDA is a huge no-noWithout strict regulations in place to prevent blatant displays of affection in public, particularly in tightly packed areas like stores, restaurants, public transportation, and more, to ensure that everyone is having a good time and that no one feels uneasy in their surroundings. Bonus: You may get a big great or worse, prison time, for violating the PDA norms, but be extra cautious. Visit these for Metro principles and here for general fines to learn more about the various different types of fines that apply to this. Your best chance to get around in Dubai is the RTA Metro and vehicle system. Nearly all of the city’s key cities are served by the Metro network, and buses depart from the stations and take you anywhere. A one-way trip from start to finish of the whole line will cost you Dhs 8.5 on the one-time Counterpart, which is what train moves are called in this country. It is also the most affordable mode of transportation. Look out for the passport because it’s difficult to miss and bright purple. Bonus: The Green Line will take you across places like Deira, Nahda, Qusais and fragments of Bur Dubai. The Red Line will take you from Karama through to Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, DIFC, Business Bay, Marina, JLT and all the way to Expo City. For areas where the coach and bus system does n’t approach, you can take cars, which are plentiful and readily accessible. There are numerous programs that are available here that can help you guide taxis of all kinds if you prefer to stand by the side of the road and flag one. Obtain Careem and Uber to try out the most well-known and trustworthy people. Bonus: These programs are also very important if you’re looking to have supples, foods or takeaway foods delivered, along with Deliveroo, Talabat and Instashop. There is a lot of natural beauty in the UAE, the place of Hatta being one of the highlights. With beautiful mountain ranges and spectacular views of valleys, wadis and unique vegetation, it’s the best place to pitch your tent, getting a bonfire going and savour the weather, which of course, will be even cooler up there. Check out all of Hatta’s glamping experiences here. All you need to do is kick back and enjoy yourself. Make reservations right here. Visit for more information .Witness incredible views with a hot air balloon rideIn this Instagram post, we ca n’t help but think about how beautiful the desert is because we might not be there right in the middle of it. Nothing beats a stunning sunrise and bird’s eye aerial views of not just the dunes and the wildlife that inhabits them. The ideal time to enjoy every second of it is in the winter. Experience Dubai’s newest hot air balloon flight experience that takes you 4, 000 feet in the air over the desert. Rates start from Dhs879. Book via 04 208 7222, or purchase your tickets and get more information on balloonflights. Every year, the family-friendly family entertainment destination Global Village Dubai closes for the summer before reopening as the cooler months approach. This year is no different. Global Village Dubai has returned for a new season. As always, it will be open for six months, meaning you have half a year to shop, play and dine on delicacies from around the world. However, there is always something new going on, so frequent visits are necessary. Dubai Miracle Garden is one of Dubai’s most well-known attractions, and it is among the flowers at the Dubai Miracle Garden. It is, after all, the world’s largest natural flower garden. It is quite a spectacle, with over 72, 000 square meters of blooming 150 million flowers in full bloom. The vibrant heart-shaped arches that we’ve all seen on social media have once more acted as the backdrop for Instagram photo shoots of all kinds. Take a seaward cruise to MusandamThe mountainous peninsula of Musandam is home to dolphins, dolphins, and dhow excursions. Forts and museums from the 17th century can be found in Khasab, the capital, for visitors looking for historical sites. As you cruise through the majestic fjords aboard a traditional dhow, you’ll spot the local dolphin pods as you go. For those looking to maximize their adventure time, companies like Musandam Sea Adventure offer full and half-day dhow cruises or options for creating multi-day packages. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is home to all things Ferrari, and for all the speed enthusiasts, the Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the fastest roller coaster in the world. It travels a whopping 240 kilometers per hour in 4.9 seconds. The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, a legendary Italian racetrack, served as the inspiration for the roller coaster track, which is 2.07 kilometers long. It’s a lot of speed, a lot of legacy and a guaranteed adrenaline rush. Ferrari World, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, Daily, 11am to 8pm, Tel: (600 ) 511 115, ferrariworldanudhabi.comThe famed Desert SafariView this post on InstagramThis all- inclusive overnight desert safari is a UAE staycation must. A wealth of amenities and experiences await you as you camp out in a deluxe tent on a raised platform. Included in the package is a thrilling dune drive, camel ride, walking night safari, waiter service, set menu BBQ dinner, traditional shisha pipe, unlimited soft drinks, premium beverage package and a gin bar and hot breakfast. Amenities include breakfast, waiter service, pick- up and drop- offArabian Adventures, Tel: ( 800 ) 272 2426, arabian- More experiencesFor a guide to the perfect day spent exploring Old Dubai, visit here. For a list of unmissable spots to visit across the emirates, visit here. Visit this for all the best places to visit in the UAE to explore the natural world. To pick out the most unique stays to complete your experience, visit here. Images: Supplied/Getty