The First Disney-Inspired Bar by The Haunted Mansion Debuting On Disney Treasure

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At the height of the Halloween season, Disney Cruise Line reveals the Haunted Mansion Parlour, an all-new bar inspired by the legendary Disney Parks experience, The Haunted Mansion. For the first time, foolish mortals can drink spirited handmade cocktails among 999 happy haunts inside this new venue on board the Disney Treasure when it sets sail in December 2024.

The one-of-a-kind experience will invite guests to participate in the next chapter of the Haunted Mansion, which will tell the story of a jovial captain who entered the ghostly realm after a disastrous dinner with his beloved fiancée. A custom musical arrangement inspired by the attraction’s original soundtrack and reworked and altered by composer Shruti Kumar and Walt Disney Imagineering will set the tone for an ever-escalating anthology of illusions that immerses guests in the Haunted Mansion’s mysterious tale.

Legendary characters from Disney Parks throughout the world’s Haunted Mansion attractions and new seafaring arrivals will come out to socialise in intriguing ways throughout the experience. The Haunted Mansion Parlour will merge comedy with Disney’s distinct brand of spooky storytelling and will follow the nostalgic art style of the original 1969 Disney Parks classic.

The Haunted Mansion Bar – Photo: Disney Cruises

The Haunted Mansion Parlour will be designed in the style of a first-class drawing room on a classic liner from the golden age, invoking inspiration from the original Haunted Mansion with a nautical twist. From the iconic purple wallpaper bordered by wooden finishes to a mantel clock atop an inviting fireplace to a characteristic purple couch nestled in the corner, the lounge will include a tribute to Disney Parks attractions. Guests will encounter a few new ghoulish faces in a portrait gallery representing the Disney Treasure’s ghostly residents.

Deliciously Chilling Drinks

At the Haunted Mansion Parlor, guests will sample from a selection of ghostly cocktails that capture the spirit of the famed theme park attraction, The Haunted Mansion.

Blood orange and sour cherry flavours will harmonize in a shimmering zero-proof cocktail served in a specialty mug aptly titled Sympathetic Libations.
The Ghoulish Delight will be an ube-flavoured treat that everyone will be able to enjoy. With hints of sweetness and nuttiness, the drink will incorporate decadent ube fudge, oat milk and tapioca pearls in a purple concoction garnished with a gummy eyeball and ube glitter.
A spooky twist on a classic margarita, presented to guests amidst a swirl of flavoured smoke, will be another signature drink at the Haunted Mansion Parlor. Topped with lemon salt foam, this tequila-based cocktail will contain a secret message, only to be revealed by black light.

Mysterious Merchandise

The new bar venue will introduce an exclusive array of haunted homewares and spooky souvenirs to the shops onboard the Disney Treasure:

The Haunted Mansion Parlor Music Box will be a keepsake inspired by the eerie music box that will play a melodic soundtrack inside the Haunted Mansion Parlor.  As the rumours go, this mysterious box belonged to the captain’s bride-to-be and only opens in the presence of malevolent spirits.
Honouring the memorable grandfather clock seen in the original Disney Parks attraction, the Haunted Parlor Mantel Clock will loom over the fireplace inside the venue, instigating mysterious happenings when it strikes 13. As a part of the new merchandise collection, Disney Cruise Line guests will be able to bring home their very own mantel clock, just like the one from the Parlour.
Featuring the same octopus design from the bar’s entrance onboard the Disney Treasure, the Haunted Mansion Parlor Sculpted Mug will depict an aura of intrigue and will be accented with a variety of sea life, including a hidden Mickey Mouse-shaped barnacle.
The Haunted Mansion Parlor Mirror will allow guests to take home a piece of the magic, offering a ghoulish surprise to unsuspecting users when the hitchhiking ghosts mysteriously appear.

Disney Cruise Line and the Haunted Mansion Parlor’s happy haunts are eager to welcome foolish mortals to this spirited space on board the Disney Treasure in December 2024.

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