The Grand Festival of Holidays, known as the Aliwan Fiesta of 2024, is held annually. Again

Aliwan Fiesta 2024: Celebrating Philippines ‘ Grandest Cultural Showcase
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From June 27 to June 29, Aliwan Fiesta 2024 is scheduled to take the lively society of the Philippines to living. Held in Manila, this occasion showcases the beauty and diversity of the country through beautiful dance parades, complex fly competitions, and energetic concerts. The grand prize winner will get P1.5 million, making the competition furious and interesting.
The Tugtog lee Aliwan Competition and the Pasakalye Concert, which feature leading Filipino artists, kick off the Sinulog Festival at Aliwan Fiesta. Individuals from all over the Philippines are drawn to this party of society and ability, making it a year-end highlight. Guests can expect an amazing experience filled with music, dancing, and gorgeous visuals.
Aliwan Fiesta, known as the” Festival of Festivals”, brings together warriors from various local events across the country. This meeting not just honors the Philippines ‘ rich cultural heritage, but also fosters a sense of community and confidence among its citizens. For more details on the occasion, visit the established Aliwan Fiesta site.
What is the Aliwan Fiesta’s record and value?
A celebration called the Aliwan Fiesta brings together diverse cultural celebrations from across the Philippines. It showcases the country’s rich beliefs, cultural identity, and musical expressions.
Origins and Evolution
Aliwan Fiesta was started as a way to bring up different festivals from various climates into one big event. MBC Media Group organized it in collaboration with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, and Pasay. Due to its remarkable float competitions and lively dance parades, this occasion quickly gained popularity.
First, the festival included a handful of regional participants. Over the years, it expanded tremendously, featuring more comments from counties all around the Philippines. Its growth has also been aided by the addition of events for categories like Best Costume and Best Music Accompaniment.
Aliwan Fiesta in the framework of Filipino society
In Filipino society, events hold a considerable area, and Aliwan Fiesta is no exception. It provides a platform for the celebration and preservation of the country’s diverse cultural history. Various groups perform traditional dances that highlight distinctive customs and norms from their respective regions.
By highlighting the diversity and richness of their culture, the celebration even encourages unity and confidence among Filipinos. It assists younger years in learning about their cultures and traditions, ensuring that these social techniques are passed down. Aliwan Fiesta emphasizes the shared identification and social pleasure of the Filipino people by organizing several events in one place.
Aliwan Fiesta 2024 Main Activities
The Aliwan Fiesta 2024 promises to be a lively party packed with shows, songs, and amazing features. Important events include the Reyna Ng Aliwan Pageant, the Float Contest, the Streetdance Opposition, and the exhilarating Pasakalye Concert.
Miss Sinulog in Reyna ng AliwanReyna Ng Aliwan Pageant
A show of the Aliwan Fiesta is the Reyna Ng Aliwan Pageant. Contestants from different regions of the Philippines are featured in this beauty pageant, which showcases both their ethnic heritage and their beauty. Each candidate wore classic clothing, giving viewers a taste of the country’s rich, varied cultures.
This show honors social pride. It involves various rounds, including skill shows and interviews. The success of the contest becomes a Reyna Ng Aliwan for the year, serving as both an adviser and representative of Filipino culture and tradition.
Aliwan FiestaSipa sa Manggis Float from Cotabato CityFloat Contest in Halamanan Float 2023
One of the most anticipated occasions at which to show creativity and ingenuity is the Float Competition. Participants build intricate floats that cover a range of aspects of Filipino tradition, from folklore to daily life.
This contest features floats that move along the festival course, judged based on their design, uniqueness, and relevance to the design. The grand prize winner will get a sizable cash reward, raising the stakes and the competition furious.
The Aliwan Fiesta and Halamanan Festival take place in the dance contest.
The Streetdance Contest brings the celebration full of dance and music to life. Different organizations perform choreographed dance routines in lively costumes to show their abilities and creativity. This function draws huge crowds, who come to see the energy and passion of the players.
Each group aims to show a history through their effectiveness. Audio accompanies the dancing, amplifying the colorful atmosphere. Judges examine each party based on dance, synchronicity, and overall impact. The excitement is heightened by special awards for groups like Best Costume and Best Music Appearance.
Pasakalye Concert
The Aliwan Fiesta is inaugurated by the Pasakalye Concert with incredible achievements. This event features a lineup of well-known OPM ( Original Pilipino Music ) musicians, helping to set the tone for the upcoming days.
People can enjoy a mix of styles, from music to stone. The music attracts thousands of songs lovers because it has a lot of hype. This concert, which takes place after the Tugtog ng Aliwan Competition, gives the festival a vibrant and lively beginning.
2024 Aliwan Fiesta companies include:
City of Manila’s Lakbayaw Festival is held there.
Baguio City’s Panagbenga Flower Festival is held annually.
Bodong Festival from Rizal, Kalinga
Halamanan Festival from Guiguinto, Bulacan
Dinamulag Mango Festival from Iba, Zambales
Panagkakadua- an Celebration from San Felipe, Zambales
Antipolo City Maytime Festival is held in Antipolo City.
Hamaka Festival from Taytay, Rizal
Niyogyugan Festival from Pagbilao, Quezon
Kaogma Festival from Baao, Camarines Sur
Cagsawa Festival from Daraga, Albay
Dinagyang Festival from Iloilo
Tultugan Festival from Iloilo
Sinulog Festival in Cebu is a low-level event.
Meguyaya Festival from Upi, Maguindanao del Norte.
Among the Aliwan Fiesta glide competitors are:
Bahay Pangisdaan from Muntinlupa City
Halamanan Festival from Guiguinto, Bulacan
Republica Filipina – Fiesta Republica from Malolos, Bulacan
Panagkakadua- an Event from San Felipe, Zambales
Cotabato City resident Ilwan a Inaul sc Kutawato
Guinakit hails from Cotabato City.
Adat Betad sa Maguiranun from Mother Kabuntalan, Maguindanao del Sur
Lamin o Bidadari from Northern Kabuntalan, Maguindanao del Nord
Celebration Design and Venues
With events taking place at the CCP Complex in Pasay and along Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Aliwan Fiesta 2024 promises an entertaining experience. Below are outlined important information about these areas.
CCP Complex and Environs
The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP ) Complex, located in Pasay, serves as a central hub for the festival. Important events take place here, including the Reyna tion Aliwan show and the Pasakalye Concert. Visitors may watch a wide range of performances by well-known Filipino artists.
The region around the CCP Complex will also have a Shopper’s Bazaar. Visitors can sample local cuisine and handcrafted goods made by local artisans, which highlight the richness of Filipino society. It’s a location where standard meets modern, providing a lively atmosphere for festival- goers.
Roxas Boulevard Parade Route
Along Roxas Boulevard, which runs from the City of Manila to the City of Pasay, will be the location of the largest festival of the Aliwan Fiesta. With its popular twilight watch over Manila Bay enhancing the festive atmosphere, this festival course provides a stunning backdrop.
Participants perform complex dances and float contests. The festival features contingents from different regions, competing for honours including Pride of Place, Best Wardrobe, and Best Music Accompaniment. The beautiful display and upbeat shows that make Aliwan Fiesta a striking function are accessible to fans along Roxas Boulevard.
Features and Functions
The Aliwan Fiesta 2024 promises a lively show of creative costumes, dynamic dances, and incredible music. This month’s festival includes significant events such as the fantastic parade, thrilling music competitions, and giving ceremonies.
Wardrobe and Prop Extravaganza
With their intricate costumes and accessories, the individuals will set on a spectacular show. Traditional Philippine clothes and contemporary creativity are featured in the Best Costume competition. Accessories that have been meticulously created enhance the visual charm.
As each group battles to take home the Pride of Place award, audiences can anticipate numerous musical elements. Judges ‘ eyes are drawn to extensive and creative designs that make the viewing experience unforgettable for them.
The use of local goods and crafts highlights the Philippines ‘ rich cultural heritage.
Artistic Showcase: Tugtog Ng Aliwan
The main attraction of the event is the Tugtog Ng Aliwan opposition. It brings up talented players from all over the nation. The function starts on June 27 at 5 p. m. and features a wide range of music styles, highlighting Filipino craft.
The music that follows, Pasakalye Concert, may light famous Filipino designers. This section is a cure for music fans who enjoy watching live shows.
Artistic accompaniment plays a vital role, with honours given for Best Music Accompaniment. The effectiveness and music create an exhilarating atmosphere.
Grand Parade and Awarding Ceremonies
The Grand Parade is the show, featuring more than just hovers, it includes appearances by performers from diverse regions. These shows show both traditional and contemporary dance styles. The Pasay City CCP Complex will host the festival.
Reyna ng Aliwan women will also be present at the festival, giving it a touch of class and beauty. Following this event, winners of the parade and various contests are announced during the giving ceremonies.
The party parade and float competition’s great prize is P1.5 million. Specific prizes will be given for various classes, adding excitement and anticipation.
Sponsors and Partnerships
Key sponsors and partnerships that contribute to the success of The Aliwan Fiesta 2024 are supported by them. Notable sponsors provide financial support and coverage for the media, ensuring a broad audience’s reach.
Media Presence and the MBC Media Group’s position
Aliwan Fiesta 2024 is a major media partner, and The Manila Broadcasting Company ( MBC ) is one of them. MBC’s role is critical, as it handles extensive promotion and live broadcasts of the event.
Aliwan Fiesta 2024 is organized by the MBC Media Group in partnership with the City of Pasay, the City of Manila, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The event is also supported by Pride, Unique, Smart, Star Wax, Shield, Charm, White Rose, Tanduay, Dunkin, Bingo Plus, MX3, Rexona, Sunsilk, Absolute, Summit, AICS, and Bayview Hotel.
Aliwan Fiesta 2024Frequently Asked Questions
What dates will the Aliwan Fiesta take place in 2024?
The Aliwan Fiesta 2024 will take place on June 27 through June 29. This event spans three days filled with music, dance, and cultural activities.
How do I purchase Aliwan Fiesta 2024 tickets?
Aliwan Fiesta is a free event, so tickets are not required for attendance.
What time does the Aliwan Festival 2024 take place?
The festival’s three-day schedule includes the Shopper’s Bazaar, the Tugtog ng Aliwan Competition on June 27, and the Pasakalye Concert on June 27 at 7 p.m.
Where will be the 2024 Aliwan Fiesta held?
The CCP Complex in Pasay will host the Aliwan Fiesta this year. Vicente Sotto St., which runs from Roxas Boulevard to Jalandoni St., will be closed to traffic during the festivities ( details ).
Who were the Aliwan Festival’s previous winners?
Previous winners of the Aliwan Festival include various regional champions, celebrated for their outstanding performances in street dance, float design, and cultural presentations.
Halad ( Cotabato )– Summer and Pamaskong Aliwan 2003
Tribu Atub- Atub for Iloilo Dinagyang ( 2004 )
Pintados de Passi ( Passi City, Iloilo ) 2005
Lumad Basakanon for Sinulog ( Cebu ) 2006
Lumad Basakanon for Sinulog ( Cebu ) 2007
Lumad Basakanon for Sinulog ( Cebu ) 2008
Buyugan ( Abuyog, Leyte ) 2009
Tribu Paghidaet for Iloilo Dinagyang 2010 Tribu Paghidaet
Tribu Pan, ay for 2011 Iloilo Dinagyang
Tribu Pan- ay for Iloilo Dinagyang 2012
Iloilo Dinagyang 2013 Tribu Panayanon Tribute Panayanon
Lumad Basakanon for Sinulog ( Cebu ) 2014
Tribu Katbalaugan for Manaragat ( Catbalogan, Samar ) 2015
Tribu Katbalaugan for Manaragat ( Catbalogan, Samar ) 2016
2017 Iloilo Dinagyang Tribu Salognon Tribu Salognon
Tribu Buraburon for Kasadyahan ( Leyte ) 2018
Pasaka Festival for Kasadyahan ( Tanauan, Leyte ) 2019
Guinakit ( Parang, Maguindanao ) Summer 2003
Pamulinawen ( Laoag, Ilocos Norte ) Pamaskong Aliwan 2003
Tawid: A Legacy ( Laoag, Ilocos Norte ) 2004
Sabutan ( Isabela ) 2005
Biag ni Lam- ang ( Laoag, Ilocos Norte ) 2006
Guinakit ( Sultan Kudarat ) 2007
Calesa ( Laoag, Ilocos Norte ) 2008
Abel Iloko: Woven and Worn ( Laoag, Ilocos Norte ) 2009
Kangulagna sa Maguindanao ( Cotabato ) 2010
Biday a Pinangasturian ( Buluan, Maguindanao ) 2011
Pamulinawen ( Laoag, Ilocos Norte ) 2012
Bahandi Han Eastern Visayas ( Alang- alang, Leyte ) 2013
Bambanti ( Isabela ) 2014
Mayaw- Mayaw Festival ( Pinabacdao, Leyte ) 2015
IPI- Sinulog ( Cebu ) 2016
Santa Cruz de Mayo ( Tacloban City ) 2017
Tarakluban ( Tacloban City ) 2018
What cultural significance is present at the Aliwan Festival?
Aliwan Fiesta is known as the” Festival of Festivals” in the Philippines. It brings together different cultural traditions from across the country, highlighting regional dances, music, and crafts. This fiesta celebrates the diverse cultural heritage of the country and aims to promote cultural appreciation and unity.
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