The launch of Indonesia’s Muslim-friendly tourism microsite marks the beginning of a new landscape

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The Indonesia Muslim-friendly Tourism (IMFT) Microsite was launched at the 5th International Halal Tourism Summit, part of the larger Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival. The initiative aims to provide a comprehensive, tailored resource for Muslim travelers worldwide to plan authentic and immersive trips to Indonesia.

The microsite resulted from the collaboration among the expertise of CrescentRating, the leading authority in Halal Tourism, the Halal Tourism Association of Indonesia (PPHI), Bank of Indonesia, National Committee for Sharia Economics and Finance (KNEKS), and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia (Kemenparekraf RI). Hosted on one of the leading Muslim lifestyle platforms,, the microsite allows one to explore Indonesia’s multifaceted beauty and cultural richness, all within a framework catered to the unique needs of Muslim travellers.

The first phase of the microsite comes with pivotal information to aid travellers in trip planning. This includes detailed itineraries, city guides, engaging blog articles unveiling the hidden gems of Indonesia, and a FAQ section to address common inquiries.

The second phase will augment the user experience further. It will introduce a Budget Calculator, aiding travellers in financial planning; Exclusive Travel Deals, offering curated packages and unparalleled offers in Muslim-friendly destinations; and Halal Travel guides, providing an exhaustive list of halal dining venues, prayer spaces, and cultural attractions across various Indonesian cities.

“Launching the IMFT microsite is a great step towards creating a seamless, enriching travel experience for the Muslim community. Our collaboration embodies a shared vision of showcasing Indonesia’s vibrant culture and scenic beauty in a way that resonates with Muslim traveller’s values. We believe that every journey to Indonesia through this initiative will leave travellers with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for Indonesia’s unique blend of tradition and modernity.” said Raudha Zaini, Strategic Partnerships and Projects Lead at CrescentRating & HalalTrip.

“The synergy between CrescentRating, PPHI, and Bank Indonesia in bringing the microsite to life heralds a new era in Muslim-friendly tourism. Our concerted effort underscores Indonesia’s commitment to being a premier, Muslim-friendly travel destination. Through the microsite, we aim to provide a rich tapestry of travel resources that cater to the Muslim faith traditions, ensuring that every Muslim traveler feels at home while exploring the diverse and captivating landscapes of Indonesia.” said Noveri Maulana, Central Management Board of PPHI.

HalalTrip also launched its next version of the Mobile App on the 4th day of the Halal Expo Indonesia 2023 at the Jakarta Convention Center. It is poised to ease the travel experience further. Offering on-the-go resources, it aims to bridge Muslim travelers to a world of halal-friendly opportunities.

“The HalalTrip mobile App is designed to be a trusted companion for Muslim travelers, encapsulating essential travel resources right at their fingertips. Through innovative features, we aim to transcend traditional travel planning, making halal-friendly travel not just accessible but intuitive and engaging. Our app is more than just a tool, blending the ease of modern technology with the warmth of traditional hospitality.” said Hazirah, Communications Lead for HalalTrip.

The post The launch of Indonesia’s Muslim-friendly tourism microsite marks the beginning of a new landscape appeared first on Brand TD.