The most Instagrammable yachting locations in Europe

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New research reveals the most Instagram-worthy yachting locations in Europe, based on their popularity on social media.   

The study, conducted by boat insurance comparison site InsureMy analysed over 96.9 million hashtags on Instagram; looking at the total number of hashtags for each location to reveal the most popular European destinations to visit with a yacht.

And it turns out that Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is by far the most  Instagrammable place to go yachting in Europe, as it’s featured in over 17.4 million posts.

It’s no surprise that the Italian island ranks the highest, thanks to its beautiful waters, famous beaches, and towering cliffs. In fact, Sicily had over 35% more hashtags, than the second most popular location, Bodrum in Turkey.

Marseille was the third most Instagram-worthy location on the list. The city, located on the southern coast of France, has over 9.5 million posts on Instagram.

France also proved particularly popular, with the Bordeaux Waterways ranking fourth on the list – also spanning northern Spain with 9.3 million hashtags, making it the most picturesque river region in the study.

The gorgeous southern Italian coastline of Calabria was number five on the list. The sunbaked peninsula has been tagged over 6.2 million times on Instagram.

Lake Garda was ranked number ten on the list, making it the first lake to be included. As the largest lake in Italy, it has over 2 million hashtags on Instagram- with its popularity largely due to its stunning clear waters.

Lake Como was the only other lake that made it into the top 15 best destinations with almost 2 million hashtags. Ranking just after Lake Garda, it’s the third-largest lake in Italy.

Germany only has one entry at number 13 with the river Elbe, which also runs through the Czech Republic. Although it is known for being tricky to navigate it’s still a beautiful waterway for any experienced yacht enthusiast to enjoy.

The 15 most popular yachting locations in Europe



Instagram Posts



Instagram Posts



Instagram Posts



17.5 million



4.6 million


Lake Como

2.0 million



12.2 million



4.3 million


River Thames

1.9 million



9.5 million



3.8 million


The Elbe

1.5 million


Bordeaux Waterways

9.4 million



3.6 million


Marina Di Portofino

1.3 million



6.2 million


Lake Garda

2.0 million



1.2 million

*all Instagram posts are rounded up

The top-ranking marina on the list was Portofino in Italy, with 1.3 million posts. The Marina is in the inlet of Portofino Bay, surrounded by beautiful landscape, and is a popular location for superyachts.

Marsala, another port in Italy, was last to appear in the top 15 – although it still has over 1.1 million hashtags.

Overall, Italy has the most Insta-worthy locations, claiming the best coastline, lake, and marina in appearing in the 15 best destinations.

Speaking on the findings, an InsureMy spokesperson said, “Sharing your holiday snaps on Instagram is a lot of fun, so it’s essential to know the most popular locations in Europe so that you can visit the best sites on your next yachting holiday.

“But, before planning any trip around this time of year it’s best to check the weather conditions as many places in Europe are more susceptible to storms and fogs during autumn. Many marinas may also have reduced their opening times as well.

“Ensuring that you have enough supplies for any emergencies that may occur and prioritizing safety in the water should be your top concern before setting off- and don’t forget to take pictures of the stunning sights you may discover on your journey.”

The post The most Instagrammable yachting locations in Europe appeared first on Brand TD.