The most sought-after in the world according to French Visa’s top global search positions

Based on virtual searches in 193 countries, a recent study by financial services company Remitly found that the French immigration is the most sought-after worldwide.
To identify the countries with the highest demand for visa, the study examined keyword searches from all over the world. With an ordinary annual mixed seek quantity of 2, 431, 200, France took the lead.
This conclusion is consistent with new studies that France continues to hold the title of the most popular tourist destination in the world.
While the UN’s World Tourism Organization noted a return to pre-pandemic degrees in France, with 99 percent of the customer numbers seen in 2019, the World Travel &amp, Tourism Council predicted that France would be the “most visited tourist destination in the world” for 2023.
Remitly’s study found it interesting to note that France is the only German nation to rank among the top 10 global immigration searches.
With 416,400 requests, the United Kingdom came in second place as the second-highest European country, followed by Ireland and Greece in the bottom 20.
The bottom 20 nations with the highest demand for permits are as follows:
2, 431, 200 requests in France
Canada: 2, 098, 800
940, 800 in Japan
Australia: 892, 680
India: 760, 800
Turkey: 754, 800
Singapore: 646 800
New Zealand: 613, 200
Malaysia: 609, 600
Pakistan: 604, 560
491, 760 Sri Lanka
416, 400 in the UK
Ireland: 412, 800
409, 200 in Kuwait
Bahrain: 333, 840
332, 280 in Indonesia
Egypt: 329, 880
Bangladesh: 273, 480
273, 480 in Kuwait
Greece: 271, 080
These insights offer a view into the nations that people are most eager to explore as the earth prepares for post-pandemic journey, with France leading the pack in visa-related online searches. SOURCE: Flemish Visa Tops Global Search Rankings, Declared Most Sought-After in the World | eTurboNews |ETN