The number of people from overseas visiting the US has been steadily increasing.

Data from the National Travel and Tourism Office showed that on September 23, the United States saw 5,775,143 out-of-country international travelers. This is a 19.3% rise compared to September 2022 and it makes up 86.2% of the traffic before the pandemic in September 2019. On September 2023, there was an uptick in arrivals to the US from non-US residents; this carried on for the thirtieth month in a row. In September 2022, none of the most significant 8 sources of tourism for the United States experienced a drop in the amount of visitors. In the month of September 2023, India was the leader among the top twenty origin markets of the United States’ tourists from 2019, with a growth rate of 136% in comparison to the same month of the previous year. Meanwhile, China’s recovery rate was the worst, measuring only 48% of its September 2019 visitation numbers. Canada was the destination of choice for the most international travelers in September 2023, with a total of 3853,548,692 visitors. Mexico had close to 1.3 million arrivals, while the UK had over 350 thousand arrivals.