The remaining people festivals in the UAE are listed below. 2024

According to the United Arab Emirates Cabinet, it will be useful to have a list of future public holidays in the UAE if you are planning a trip with loved ones or making travel plans for the latter third of 2024. The UAE National Day and the Islamic New Year are all the UAE people holidays that are still in effect until 2024. The Islamic New Year or Islamic New Year officially marks the start of a new solar Hijri season. In 2024, it falls on Sunday, July 7, 2024 ( Muharram 1 ). Does this mean we wo n’t get a long weekend? As to the next part of Resolution No. Any of the standard vacations may get carried over by a Cabinet selection to the beginning or end of the week, according to Section 27 of the 2024. If the UAE authorities decide to make a vacation announcement, we will have to wait for the information. We are keeping our eye on any changes, so keep tuned. Prophet Muhammad’s ( PBUH) birthdayIn 2024, Al- Mawlid Al- Nabawiis expected to fall on Rabi ‘ Al- Awwal 12, which corresponds to September 15, 2024 which is a Sunday. If the UAE government decide to declare a trip, we will have to wait for the information once more. The holidays of December 1st and December 1st are known as Martyrs ‘ Day and UAE National Day. In 2024, this is a Sunday. But, after this, the UAE enjoys National Day which falls on December 2 and 3, which is a Monday and Tuesday. For those of us who enjoy a two-day trip, this means it will be a lengthy four-day split. The only other vacation we’ll want to take after this is in 2025. As has been the convention in recent years, Wednesday, January 1, 2025, will be a vacation so everyone can celebrate the New Year. Visit this link for the rest of the festivals in 2025. Stay tuned to whatson. for the formal announcement, which generally comes out about a week or so before the trip. Graphics: Getty Images